RIP: "father of chaos theory," Edward Lorenz


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  1. arkizzle says:

    Thank you for the Chaos


  2. Joerg says:

    Well, meteorology is basically a part of Physics, so there IS a Nobel Prize for it. Paul Crutzen might be the only one who received one in the field of meteorology/climatology.

  3. pentomino says:

    Does anyone else remember a car commercial which described a long cause-and-effect chain that started with a butterfly flapping its wings? It seems the butterfly is to Lorenz what the apple was to Newton.

    Also, in before link to xkcd’s “Real Programmers”.

  4. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Chaos theory is the definition of my life.

  5. Xopher says:

    To let you know what a GeekoPagan I am, I’ve used the Lorenz Attractor as a visualization for psychic shielding, on the theory that it could absorb infinite energy.

  6. Adamr says:

    God bless you Edward. You were my hero in life, and i loved arguing chaos with science teachers.

    Made a nice little post on this at my site as well

  7. ill lich says:

    entropy always wins.

  8. Cupcake Faerie says:

    Check out the Lorenz “Strange” attractor

    Not a good week for 90+ year old scientists. We also lost John Wheeler, father of the black hole and teacher to Richard Feynman and Hugh Everett(of the Many Worlds theory of Quantum Mechanics).

  9. PukeBazooka says:

    Put a drop of water on your hand, like this, see! And it rolls down this way! But, but, but — but wait! Try it again! Works differently! The water goes somewhere else! There’s all these tiny hairs on your hand! So — you can’t — you don’t know! That’s called chaos! It’s why dinosaurs can never be safely trapped in a theme park! That and the hubris of man!

    At least, that’s chaos theory as I understand it.

  10. gadfly says:

    I feel compelled to fulfill Pentomino’s prophecy… here’s the xkcd masterpiece in question

  11. Jeff says:

    All Hail Eris! All Hail Chaos!

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