Fixing the "Text entered was wrong" bug

We think we've fixed the problem that interferes with posting comments, and gives would-be commenters an error message that says:
Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:
Text entered was wrong. Try again.
Here's the word from tech guy Jonathan Schreiber:
I believe that we have fixed the root cause for this. BUT users could still see this problem if they have an old cookie that was set pre-fix (the fix went in [on April 15th] around noon). So my suggestion for all BB commenters is to logout (via the logout link, upper right), then log back in again.

After doing a logout/login, the cookies and session will match and they won't have an issue with the system "thinking" they're logged out any more (i.e. no more "text was entered wrong" error messages).

Go. Do. And if you still have problems posting comments, or technical problems of any kind, please let us know. If you can remember to take screenshots and give us your system info, that's good too.

See also:
Adam Rice and Phillip Lamb, on their technical problems


  1. Oh I thought that was like a critique of my opinion or something.

    Also, whatever you did recently fixed my comments and favorites showing up in my profile. Thanks!

  2. I haven’t gotten the error message or been forcibly logged out for ~ five days, so it’s all good here in sunny Palm Springs! Can you fix the bug that translates comments into complaints now?

  3. I had to fix something like this – a handy trick is to just change the name of the cookie, that way you’ll stop looking for (and accepting) the bad cookies.

  4. Can someone please unlock user “Kevitivity” his account was supposedly disabled for a week but never re-enabled.

  5. good that’s sorted. Now, who did the $cientology ad caper? Those disgruntled anti-advertisers, right?
    It was funny though.

  6. I have a tech problem. No matter what kind of image or how small and image I try to upload as my avatar, it gets rejected by your system. Here’s the error message: “Oops, something went wrong: Invalid value “wolf_small.gif” for profile field: photo”

  7. honestly, i thought it was something to do with firefox on ubuntu. thx for the fix!

    Shmengie, you get the award for the most boingboing-est system setup. Cory would be proud!


  8. How does this sort of thing jibe with being an Open Source advocate? Is the problem caused by bad coding?

  9. A harder problem to solve would be to actually setup a system that rejected stuff that’s wrong. Unless it just started with the axiom “everything on the Internet is wrong”, which would actually have a pretty high hit rate.

  10. dustin: i’ve tried ubuntu off and on for a few years. but, it was, in fact, one of cory’s posts last september/october that convinced me to go ubuntu full time. sadly, as of about 3 weeks ago, i’ve gone back to wxp. ubuntu is very usable, but, ultimately, still just a red pubic hair away from being a rock-solid, every day o.s. mostly it’s little fit and finish things that were bugging me.

    anyways, thx for recognizing me as a tech god!

  11. @Waelwulf, #15: could you post a link to that image so I can check it out. All GIF or JPG should be allowed, and resized to fit. TIFFs are a no-go.

    @Mattyd, #21: hmmm, after getting the message, could you try the logout/ login step and see if that makes a difference?

  12. i knew it. there was not anything wrong with my text. i DID remember to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. ( i should really stop using that font tho. )

  13. I have found something that helps for this, as it happens all the time on sites I use. After you are done typing a comment, copy it. Then press Post/Send/et c. If the commnet posts, then the copying is in vain, but if it does not work and going back erases what you typed, you can just past it back in and try again.

    /actually doing that for this post, hold on…

  14. Joemo @6: Drat! Kevitivity is still locked out? Let me try that again.

    Ill Lich @8: And don’t think you weren’t missed.

    Takuan @9, and everyone else: if you see the Scientology ad, please send us a screenshot. It’s not supposed to be here, ever.

    Jeff @18, it’s nobody’s fault; more a matter of outgrowing the previous set of arrangements.

    EncarnacionFlor, saving is always good. I do it myself when I’ve invested a lot of time in a message.

  15. Hi BB tech folks,

    Could you please share more details of your fix somewhere? I run an MT4-based blog as well, and it’s been brought to my attention that this same gotcha’s bit my own users.

  16. Interesting. I never had any trouble Posting. But I would always get an error message when I logged out.

  17. Jeff @18, it’s nobody’s fault; more a matter of outgrowing the previous set of arrangements.

    That’s not quite code-speak. I knows there’s a bug in the {return from post} line. Because I usually don’t get returned to the blog, but sit in the out-going post line.

    And I didn’t mean it to sound as if I was blaming anyone, just that it’s a problem and I was courious what it was.

  18. I found this thread when I Googled for a fix to me not being able to upload a new icon. Irony is I was able to upload an avatar at one point, but now no matter what file format I submit I keep in getting that “Oops!” message.

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