Zombie Strippers: dumb, silly, watchable, stacked.

Over at Cinematical, Christopher Campbell has a very funny review up about the new zombie stripper movie titled -- wait for it! -- Zombie Strippers...

Sure, it claims to be based loosely on Eugène Ionesco's classic absurdist play Rhinoceros and, sure, it features allusions to a number of philosophers, including Camus and Sartre, but really it's dumb and silly and a heck of a good time. Particularly if you're anything but sober. And if you're just looking for a grindhouse sort of guilty pleasure to pass the time.

Zombie Strippers opens with a montage that sets the scene: it's sometime in the near future, and Bush has just been reelected to his fourth term. Already, we know this movie will be a complete farce, but the ludicrous exposition continues, explaining that government scientists have developed a virus that allows soldiers in Iraq to continue fighting after they're killed. Yes, these super soldiers are zombies, a minor twist on Joe Dante's anti-Bush short Homecoming, which was one of the more critically celebrated episodes of the cable series Masters of Horror, and which featured Iraq War casualties rising from the dead in order to cast their vote against Bush's reelection.

Well, that plan obviously didn't work, so here the zombies are doing what they're made to do: eat flesh and pole dance.
Link to review, here's the trailer on Apple.com. Jenna Jameson is featured in a non-pornographic role. (thanks, Susannah Breslin!)


  1. I feel confident that the “death by snoo-snoo” meme originated with storytelling around the ancient campfires. It is one of a handful of memes that spontaneously self-generate when any insular culture meets outsiders. That’s my theory, and I’ll rant it incoherently if I want to.

  2. That movie looks delightfully terrible. Jenna Jameson AND Robert Englund in the same movie? Yeah, I’ll have to see that one.

  3. You hear that buzzing noise in the background? That’s Ionesco rotating in his grave … oh, wait. It’s just my tinnitus.

  4. Sartre Nebraska?! That’s rich. Reminds me of the Nihilists in Fargo. Oh wait, that was The Big Lebowski, wasn’t it.

  5. Yeah, I have to agree with Ployntabs–no particular starlet sticks out from the others.

    At least the girls from Death Proof were stacked.

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