BBtv - Syd and Eric: music videos for Dan The Automator and Buckethead

Today on Boing Boing tv, a pair of classic works from the animation and filmmaking duo Syd & Eric (Syd Garon and Eric Henry).

Together, they are probably best known for the animated hip-hop classic DJ Qbert's Wave Twisters -- and Garon directed the opening animation sequence that appears in each and every BBtv episode.

First up in today's show, "Bear Witness III, Ego Trippin'" an animated music video for Dan the Automator. The video includes work from illustrators Lucasz Ataman, Aaron Piland Joshua Ellingson. Co-director Eric Henry describes the video as "[A] four-part study in hubris. Each section explores a different 'ego trip'– military, cosmetic, scientific, and engineering/industrial – and takes it to its logical conclusion. Pride cometh before the fall."

Part two of today's BBtv is an animated video for Buckethead, the eccentric metal guitarist who wears a bucket on his head. In "Spokes on the Wheels of Torment," Syd & Eric bring the hellish Rennaisance paintings of Hieronymus Bosch to life. Sinners are plucked apart by demon birds; and unrepentant souls are tortured, sliced, and diced, in an epic headbanger's nightmare.

Link to Boing Boing tv post, with discussion and downloadable video.