Douglas Rushkoff and Scott McCloud talk comics

Jeff Newelt says:
rushkoff-mccloud.jpg Brian Heater of the great comix review/interview site TheDailyCrosshatch interviewed Scott and Doug for 20 minutes before their on-stage conversation, so this link has his pre-interview, and some video highlights, and the complete panel as a free mp3 download... was a doozie.


  1. I was at this panel–it was smart and funny and really thought-provoking, both about the future of comics and the uses of the Internet. I recommend watching the video or listening to the podcast if you can!

  2. The photos that accompany the piece include an uncredited woman. My first reaction, was “hunh, why’d they let someone’s girlfriend/wife/fangirl sit on the panel.” But, the first commentor pointed out that she’s on the faculty of NYU. That’s not a job you get when you can’t talk intelligently on your specialty. The whole piece seems to say, “hey, we’ve got famous people _and_ eye candy!” Hammer Girl has to be pissed. To make it even worse, the audio link didn’t do anything but give Firefox fits. She was on the panel? The linked piece is embarrassing on both journalistic and technical grounds. Cory, where are you man?

  3. I was there too. It was a good panel!

    This “controversy” over Ms. Petit is bizarre. She was not listed on the brochure. She was clearly there in a role as a moderator. She had some very interesting comments but the focus of the panel was clearly on McCloud and Rushkoff. Although in a perfect world the author would have mentioned her, his failure to give the moderator a shout-out by name is not a conspiracy or implied sexism. I wish some people would just relax.

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