Surgery of item being removed from rectum appears online

Several physicians and a nurse are facing charges in the Philippines after a video of them removing a deodorant can from a patient's rectum made it to YouTube. Members of the medical staff are laughing it up during the procedure. From the Daily Telegraph:
At one point, a hand appears with a cell phone camera taking a close-up picture of the surgery.

As a doctor gingerly pulls out the 6-inch long canister from the male patient's rectum, someone shouts, "Baby out!" amid loud cheers...

The 39-year-old received surgery in January, three days after a New Year's drinking spree and a "one-night stand" with a male partner. He was too drunk to remember how the body spray canister ended up in his body.

The government-run Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in the central city of Cebu, where the surgery took place, is conducting an investigation.
Link to Daily Telegraph, Link to video evidence on LiveLeak (NSFW) (Thanks, Sean Ness!)


  1. Putting the video on LiveLeak seems inappropriate; but I can’t begrudge the doctors their laughter.

  2. I watched the video and saw the size of the canister. I don’t think there is such a thing as “too drunk to remember” something of that size going in ones keister.

    Working as an ER nurse, the two major excuses that I hear are “I was passed out drunk/stoned and someone put it there” and “I was vacuuming naked and fell on something.” Why can’t people just be honest and say “I stuck it there because things got wild/I was experimenting/I was bored?”

    As for the video, most people in the medical profession would laugh at a situation like that. Call it schadenfreude, call it human nature or even call it a lack of professionalism. But never record yourselves laughing and put it on the net.

  3. Hey, wait, where’s the world going to if you aren’t even allowed to laugh with a man who is being operated for having a canister of deodorant in his rectum?

    Even better, after he walked around with it for 3 days!

    Okay, putting it on youtube maybe went a wee bit to far, but as long as the ‘patient’ stays anonymous, what’s the harm!

  4. There really are potential negative consequences here, and these go beyond the immediate victim.

    When someone does something like this, it may have been foolish, but that doesn’t change the fact that they need to seek medical attention immediately.

    Anything that causes someone to hesitate, including fear of being laughed at, increases the odds of a serious or even deadly outcome.

    People need to be able to believe that their medical professionals will act professionally, no matter what.

  5. Yea, if i was a doctor, i’d look at the xray and go, “OMGlol!” but during the surgery, i think i could restrain myself to a degree of professionalism these guys weren’t able to. Hope this guy gets a pretty decent settlement for the humiliation.

    classic scrubs moment tho, when turk gives carla a pen from lost n found…. “what lost and found box? there’s an ass-box, but there’s no a lost and found box”

  6. I agree with #5. Dude’s identity was not revealed so I don’t know why he’s filing a lawsuit. If anything, making a big stink about it will only increase the chances of his identity becoming known.

    I mean, if you get a can of deodorant lost up your bum, you can’t expect people not to laugh at you. If you don’t want to be laughed at, then just stick with dildos that are designed not to get lost up there, for fuck’s sake.

    The only non-kosher thing I saw was some dude taking a camera phone shot. Touching your phone with your sterilized gloves in a surgery environment surely contaminates something.

  7. “You see, I have this problem with my sweaty balls, and I was trying to spray them from behind and some how the can slipped right in. Dry. Wow!”

    After working in an ER, I can tell you that more interesting things than this have been removed from many an ass.

  8. according to my friend, the emergency room dr., the most interesting things he’s removed have been: a champagne bottle (full sized) that wouldnt budge at first as it was opened and the open bottle created a suction which caused the bottle to suck itself back up as it was trying to be removed, and a light bulb, large end first and unbroken. he keeps a file with the x-rays just to remind him of some of the more bizarre aspects of human nature. no ass-box tho.

  9. We had a patient who had shattered a Coke bottle in his rectum. Glass radiated throughout his pelvis and he had multiple surgeries to fix everything down there. He must have had one hell of a firm grip.

  10. #2 “I watched the video and saw the size of the canister. I don’t think there is such a thing as “too drunk to remember” something of that size going in ones keister.”

    Really it’s not that much larger than what you would expect to have going in ones keister if you picked up another guy for a night of fun. I can see how he might actually not remember the cannister or not have realized that the other guy didn’t actually physically have sex with him.

  11. Bad: violates the guy’s privacy and makes people potentially more reluctant to seek medical help in embarrassing situations

    Good: publicizes the need for FLARED BASES to people who had abstinence-only sex ed and plus we get to watch highly educational rectal surgery

  12. The part where the doctor started spraying or threatening to spray the other doctors was hilarious.

    As for a weird “stuck up the ass story,” an aunt who dated a paramedic told me of a guy who had the top of Crown Royal bottle stuck up his ass. He claimed a chick he picked up at a bar did it…

  13. #21 True, but luckily you can take that class online. (Though I guess they don’t have Babeland in the Philippines, huh?)

  14. If the guy sues the doctors, won’t it be easy to find his name? Seems like a stupid move, if he doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

  15. Lonin, I thought the bit just after the deoderant can comes free, where the doctor smoothly rotates the can to reveal the label like a product-shot (and emphasises it like a game-show bimbo, with a small hand flourish), was pretty good too :D

    Oddly, I didn’t get the warning click-thru til after I saw it..

  16. Talk about a not-so-fresh feeling.

    If someone delays treatment for such a predicament because they fear being ridiculed, why the hell don’t they delay getting into the predicament in the first place?

    I believe bOINGbOING now owes us a unicorn.

  17. I was reading a forum once where a nurse posted about a case she had years ago where the patient passed a gigantic mass of impacted fecal matter. Apparently all the staff had come in to have a look and a laugh at the giant poo, and the patient, who had just endured a painful and humiliating experience, was made to feel even more worse. I thought this nurse’s and her colleages’ behaviour was pretty awful, tbh.

    ER is a stressful, high-pressure job and on the one hand, I don’t begrudge them their giggles at all. However, surely they have a duty to not actively humiliate the people in their care, and that includes those who have things stuck in their behinds.

  18. I hate it when I stick canisters of Axe body spray up my ass and it end up on the international news.

  19. #30 posted by Antinous

    It’s not the ass part that’s embarrassing; it’s the Axe part.

    Was it really Axe body spray? I didn’t even check out the article, I just guessed it was Axe!

    … because only assholes use Axe.

  20. lol!

    “too drunk to remember how the body spray canister ended up in his body”

    My guess – through his anus! xD

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