Blank books made from discarded vintage hardcovers

Ex Libris Anonymous -- who make handsome blank books out of discarded hardcovers, with random interior pages bound in -- have a lot of lovely new designs up. I'm especially fond of the new set of Better Homes and Gardens BBQ cookbooks. Link


  1. I really love these when they keep in the old content of the book – esp. these Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks. My MIL has a set of the originals. They have lovely recipes and delightful dated illos.
    I bought something similar @ Eugene, OR’s Winter Market – “The Poky Little Puppy”, my favorite kids’ book, turned into a blank note/sketchbook. The covers and “golden” binding had been used to bind in the blank pages, and the original pages of the story were bound in at the back of the book. I’ll have to look up the seller and send in her info, as she had a ton of cool stuff in the same vein with lots of whimsical details.

  2. I bought something similar at my local Farmers Market in Salt Lake City as well. Nothing like getting hardcover Mormon-abilia as a note book! My current notebook is the lovely children’s book: “Tony Beaver: Griddle Skater”. Looks great in meetings!

  3. This is very cool BUT!!

    Make sure the book isn’t collectible before altering!! That goes for vinyl records too!!!

    You’d be surprised how much people pay for collectible ephemera!!

  4. GORFULATOR, if they’re anything like me, most of the books they use are from library discards, thrift stores, and the trash. Sure, I find some valuable things now and then, but those do get saved. I’ll bet Ex Libris takes the same care.

    I’m a huge fan of theirs, I can see at least 4 notebooks from where I’m sitting, and I’ve bought twice that many as gifts. We old-book-recyclers have to stick together!

  5. I got a book similar to this, but it used the front of an old VHS box. Excellent idea for recylcing data technology…

  6. I actually own the intact BHaG Barbecue Book pictured above, paper dust jacket and everything. One man’s junk…

  7. This is very similar to what some friends of mine do in Australia – they use recycled denim for the paper inside…

    Rebound Books

    They sell theirs mainly at local markets but you can buy them online too.

  8. I know of two women in the Inland Empire, California who do this. They showed up at last year’s UCR Entomology Craft Fair with some beautiful examples.


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