Compendium of "They do it with..." one-liners


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  1. CxLxMx says:

    These are great. There should really be a wiki somewhere.

    Nurses do it with aseptic technique.
    Nurses do it with fluid restriction.
    Nurses are prepared to resuscitate.
    Nurses do it as the doctor ordered.
    Nurses do it to patients. (yes, yes, I know…)

  2. tinfoilsoldier says:

    why the jpeg? Hatin’ against the blind perhaps?

  3. the_steve says:

    A little specialized, but still my favorite:

    Spectroscopists do it with frequency and intensity.

  4. mokey says:

    my fave (unlisted) – squatter girls do it with crowbars.

  5. Robert says:

    Bloodninja does it with a robe and wizard hat.

  6. vespabelle says:

    Swimmers do it in the lanes is missing! (one of my aquatic club teammates had that shirt back in the late 1970s.)

  7. orinos73 says:

    I see some serious holes in this list!

    Vampires? Werewolves? Pirates? Ninjas? Senators?

    Anyone wanna take a crack at these?

    Senators do it with toilet paper on their shoes.

  8. the name says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one bemoaning the lack of actuarial versions.

    Actuaries probably do it
    Actuaries do it continuously and discretely
    Actuaries do it with varying rates of interest

  9. glace neuf says:

    i played trombone up thru HS and was very happy to see my staple “trombone players do it in 7 positions” on the list.

    pirates do it for the booty?

  10. pstarr says:

    there’s one i see around these parts (the sf bay area) as a bumper sticker (and once as a personal ad tagline) that totally creeps me out – “therapists do it without moving there lips.” i have to admit, i have no idea what it means, but it makes my skin crawl nonetheless. it’s not on the list.

  11. mercatfat says:


    while i certainly don’t condone the loathable world of “instant funny,” it is clear that vampires do it ’til the sun comes up.

  12. dccarles says:

    I’ve actually seen this one, on a car outside a church:

    Priests do it with amazing grace.

    Okay, it was a Unitarian Church, but it still counts.


  13. Percy says:

    Luddites do it with their hands.

  14. thekinginyellow says:

    they forgot: Mathematicians do it with logs

    although i prefer: Twin Peaks fans do it with logs.

    oh well.

  15. flamingphonebook says:

    Two from my old friend Eric:

    Actuaries do it with models
    Actuaries do it on tables.

    Guess what he did for a living.

  16. Qozmiq says:

    BoingBoingers do it with a jackhammer.

  17. hbafscl says:

    Yeah, he totally missed actuaries! My two favorites:

    Actuaries do it with frequency and severity.
    Actuaries do it until death or disability, whichever comes first.

  18. Elorin says:

    Werewolves do it with man or beast? By the light of the full moon?

    Ninjas do it silently.

  19. twobit says:

    Penguins do it down south!

  20. citybuddha says:

    I do it best

  21. orinos73 says:

    Ninjas do it with articulated socks.

  22. orinos73 says:

    Ninjas do it with articulated socks.

  23. Valacosa says:

    Pediatricians do it with children? Oh my god, someone call the police!

  24. Stefan Jones says:

    Rocketeers do it on impulse.

  25. sodocreative says:

    Yeah! Love this one:

    Geeks do it in front of Windows.

  26. efergus3 says:

    From my old job:

    Weathermen do it with lightning strokes.

    Weather forecasters do it with crystal balls.

  27. papercup mixmaster says:

    My very favorite, not on this list: Evolutionary biologists do it with increasing complexity.

  28. jackie31337 says:

    Technical writers do it manually. ;)

  29. Mikey Likes BoingBoing says:

    Steampunk afficianados do it with beautifully over-complicated machinery.

  30. Ian70 says:

    Cory does it so he can blog about it.
    The rest do it so Xeni can blog about it.

    I do it, but nobody else is ever there.. so nobody believes me.

    #23 – Blind people do it in the dark.

  31. nikos says:

    Nuns do it with the holy spirit.

  32. manicbassman says:

    Bassists do it with their fingers all night long…

    Air traffic, getting things down safely…

  33. Antinous says:

    BoingBoingers do it and then accidentally do it again right away.

  34. Ben says:

    Bloggers do it with comments.

  35. jay radical says:

    #13- yay!

    my personal favorite, which i saw on a tshirt once- mall walkers do it slowly.

  36. asev says:

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been said yet, but

    Rogues do it from behind.

  37. johnocomedy says:

    Bulimics do it after every meal.

  38. michael thorne says:

    Runners – Just Do It.

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