Dual-SIM conversion kit for GSM phones


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  1. bluefin says:

    In Ghana you can buy a Nokia fake, that can have two SIMs active, in the same phone, great hack, with two send and end keys

    Nokia have already noticed it

    Fourth slide down on this link

  2. jackie31337 says:

    This would also be handy for people who have a separate SIM for their data plans. I have my voice plan with one operator, and my data plan with a different operator. The data SIM is currently in my mobile broadband modem, but I don’t always feel like lugging my laptop around with me. I’ve often wished I could have both SIMs in the same phone for voice and data. A few little modifications, and I can!

  3. tmccartney says:

    I think – HOPE – that this means it’s just a matter of time before someone makes a dual-sim phone that doesn’t require switching, allowing you to receive calls on either of two numbers.

  4. tmccartney says:

    Okay, I’m an idiot. There ARE dual-sim phones out there.

  5. nex says:

    This thing sucks. To me, dual SIM means that I can have two SIMs active at the same time. The “separate voice / data plans” example above makes clear why merely being able to switch is much inferior in comparison: It means that once you’re online, no one can call you. This is so 20th century. And just physically swapping out SIM cards isn’t that big a deal either.

    And of course there’s kits actually made for specific phones, which don’t require you to bend and possibly break your phone’s battery door. Oh, and they’ll actually give you dual SIM functionality, instead of the poor ersatz feature described above.

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