Ballet dancers perform to the Pixies

Ape Lad sez, "Every time I see this it makes me smile: ballet dancers performing to the Pixies' 'Where is my mind.'" Link (Thanks, Ape Lad!)


  1. I’m hoping for “Debaser” next, personally.

    “Slicing up eyeballs, wah-ha-ha-ho!”

  2. Awesome. I’d love to see the look on all the family members faces who had no idea what music their darling little ballerinas were dancing too.

  3. Ah, happy memories. Many years ago I worked as stage manager for a ballet school whenever they did shows. What a perfect job for a teenager; a place where a large number of barely dressed girls actually want you to watch them. Not all pleasure though; I used to learn the entire choreography so I could remind nervous dancers what their part was in the wings. Great fun.

  4. If you don’t like ballet, it helps to remember that no matter how light you are, standing on the very tips of your toes is remarkably painful. That’s some serious discipline.

  5. These girls are not standing on the very tips of their toes. I thought this was going to be some good professional ballet, and I’m a little disappointed.

  6. Just Dreamy, no bulging packages, just pretty young ladies dancing to the Pixies. My kind of Ballet.

  7. Bravo!

    Best. Band. Evar.

    Seeing this helps make up for accidentally deleting the eps I made of the flying P (from which I made my bb user pic).

  8. @16 The Urban Naturalist,
    We know already! Put it in your profile before Mom has to pick up after you and gets annoyed.

    Oh my gosh this is SO COOL. If ballet had done this when I was little I might have toe shoes and a tutu!

  9. wow. the ballet recital was perfect to begin with,but following it up with the computer’s cover version…i love the ineffable.

  10. We did choreography to “Black Hole Sun” for a recital my senior year of high school. My favorite part was dying our toe shoes black. :-) This is fantastic, thanks for sharing.

  11. those are some bad-ass ballerinas – pairing them up with the pixies is just brilliance.

  12. So, has no one noticed how appropriate this is, given Surfer Rosa’s cover art? I think Frank Black would be smiling ear-to-ear at this.

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