How HAARP works

Nature has a good article about the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), an ionospheric heater that became fully operational last July.
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has been entwined with controversy since its birth. Originally envisioned as a way to facilitate communications with nuclear-armed submarines, HAARP took almost two decades to build and has incurred around US$250 million in construction and operating costs. It consists of 360 radio transmitters and 180 antennas, and covers some 14 hectares near the town of Gakona about 250 kilometres northeast of Anchorage.

With 3.6 megawatts of power at its command, HAARP is the most powerful ionospheric heater in the world. At its heart is a phased-array radar that emits radio waves that are partially absorbed between 100 kilometres and 350 kilometres in altitude, accelerating electrons there and 'heating' the ionosphere (see graphic, right). In effect, HAARP allows scientists to turn the ionosphere, the uppermost and one of the least understood regions of the atmosphere, into a natural laboratory.

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  1. Why does that diagram of “how HAARP works” make me uneasy?

    After all, heating the ionosphere with radio waves sounds like such a great, harmless idea!

  2. relax! this is all just about harmless communications problems. It has NOTHING to do with megalomaniac weather control plans, nor does it have anything at all to do upsetting the global balance of nuclear terror by subverting Russian and/or Chinese control of ballistic missiles.

  3. SCHMUCK: “They’re heating the ionosphere — clearly, this is responsible for global warming!”

    ANNOUNCER: “This scientifically illiterate thought of the day was brought to you by the letter 23…”

  4. It certainly has nothing to do with forcing those electrons down to strike fear into our enemies with massive daytime lightning strikes…

  5. nor does it have anything at all to do upsetting the global balance of nuclear terror by subverting Russian and/or Chinese control of ballistic missiles.

    Funnily enough, my mother did research in ionospheric signal propagation for 45 years. She spent much of my childhood working on projects related to the DEW Line. She had a top security clearance and I ended up being chased by the Secret Service for left-wing political activities. You can imagine what a peaceful upbringing I had.

  6. Stupid war control,this infamous missile shield ???,
    the BIG BOSS need to control the world with megawatts and ultraluminous scientific minds…. THEY want to heat more faster our global system…
    … and shut down more quickly our beautiful earth, our beautiful living environment, our life
    Have a good time guys….

  7. ever heard this one?
    The Bell Island Boom

    On April 2, 1978, there was a loud explosion on Bell Island that caused damage to some houses and the electrical wires in the surrounding area. Two cup-shaped holes about two feet deep and three feet wide marked the major impact. A number of TV sets in Lance Cove, the surrounding community, also exploded at the time of the blast. Weather men confirmed that atmospheric conditions at the time were not conducive to lightning. The blast was heard 45 kilometers away in Cape Broyle. Apparently U.S. Vela satellites picked up the event. The incident was investigated promptly by two representatives from a U.S. weapons laboratory at Los Alamos, according to the news media.(1)

    It has been speculated that the explosion was ball lightning. However, a recent documentary aired on The History Channel about electromagnetic pulse weapons speculated that it may have been a result of top secret experiments by either the Russian or U.S. governments, involving high energy beams focused into the ionosphere that were attracted by the iron in abandoned mines.

  8. Amusingly enough, this seems to have been an invention in search of a function. I remember reading about the genesis of HAARP back in the ’80s. ARCO had a lot of “waste” natural gas as a result of it’s Alaskan oil drilling operations — expecially back then it wasn’t economical to transport such gas, and it was generally just burned off. ARCO commissioned proposals of what might be done with the gas, and physicist Bernard Eastlund came up with the idea of burning it to generate power for “heating the ionosphere”.

    As for the point of such a thing… Research was one objective, but it was the possibility of jamming satellite and missile electronics that got the attention of DARPA. I also recall reference to possibly causing some sort of turbulence in the uppermost atmosphere near the pole, which could be used to disrupt the trajectories of incoming missile warheads from the then Soviet Union — probably not enough to keep them from hitting the US, but enough to discourage a nuclear first strike against our missiles by ruining the attacker’s accuracy. Had that proved workable, I thought it was a great idea, in that unlike most “Star Wars” programs it didn’t require great advances in targeting technology, and it would have tended to support, rather than disrupt, the truce of “Mutually Assured Destruction”

    In any event, once the Defense Establishment got involved, Eastlund and other unreliable civilian types got edged out, the project “went black”, and the rumors began. Any lifting of the secrecy veil seems likely to me to indicate that the defense applications haven’t panned out, and the parties who’ve built careers on the project are looking for alternative sources of funding.

  9. The sad part of all this is the massive funding that captures our best brains to serve death. The Manhattan project led to proliferation of the super secret science projects, all based on the notion that if We don’t control the annihilation option a bad country will wipe us out. Investing in friendship and mutual trust has never been seriously considered for funding. Way too much money in War for peace on earth to be an option. Haarp has provided the information needed to build a better Haarp. This one can now be used to train the next crop of super-brains. All hail the Great Bush. Giver of plenty for the few. Unsafe as a leader. The earth is under attack from within. Can we escape being saved from terrorism until next year??? Tune in to your favorite comment string and see fiction exposing creeping reality. Are we sure that the present leadership is mature enough to retire? Drama lurks deep in Haarp. The stimulated frequencies of ionosphere pulsation match our brain waves. Perhaps control of Haarp is being transfered to the Mall of America. Go shopping…Go shopping…Go shopping… God speaks… Go shopping. Fiction rules.

  10. This explains the big satellite dishy things on the stage of the MUSE concert DVD, entitled HAARP. Great show.

  11. Woo-hoo!, HAARP is under my directorate! It’s projects like HAARP that allow me to legitimately call myself a mad scientist.

    But get ready folks, you ain’t seen nuthin: we’ve got plans in the works to depopulate the inner radiation belt!

  12. i remember some of the first experiments with HAARP in the mid ’90s. the military sprayed the upper ionisphere with a fine mist containing iodine and other chems, then set it off with the power of HAARP at the time. the visual effect was such that the aurora borealis was visible as far south as los angeles. so i’m certain that our beloved gov’t has only the best of intentions with this weapon,err…i mean tool!

  13. by Jove! I wonder what happens when I do this?
    “…at the highest HF powers available in the West, the instabilities commonly studied are approaching their maximum RF energy dissipative capability, beyond which the plasma processes will ‘runaway’ until the next limiting factor is reached.”

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