GTA IV world record attempt continues, dude not dead yet but some suckas, playas, and hos are

GTA IV world record gameplay attempt, bushleague.tvGTA IV world record gameplay attempt,

UPDATE, 630pm PT: He beat the world record! Still playing. - XJ

UPDATE, 9:00pm PT: Wow, okay, they finally stopped. Much screaming and champagne. - XJ

Following up on the post I made yesterday about a marathon attempt to set a world record for Grand Theft Auto gameplay (it's all happening right next door to Boing Boing tv, at DECA studios) -- bleary-eyed and sleep-depped Bush League GM/Executive Producer Allison Kingsley says, between caffeine slurps...

We're getting close! Jim, our dedicated Bushleaguer, is in his 23rd hour of playing GTA IV for the world record. It was a long, long night but he's nearing the 24th hour. The good news is he's doing surprisingly well, the bad news (in his words) after all this time he's only slept with one hooker.

Other favorite stats:

  • 25.27% of the game completed
  • 34 missions passed
  • started 23 fires
  • killed 10 people with bare hands
  • shot to death 31 times
  • 265.46 is the longest jump distance
  • 1 kill with a molotov cocktail
  • $50.00 most spent on a date (and although not a big spender he did score 5 times)
  • 38,188 spent on health care
  • ...and the stat he's particularly proud of? 0 times cheated.
  • Link to ongoing live video and chat; tweets here, G4 just did an interview here. Some quick iphone snaps I took of the ongoing madness are above, below, and here.

    GTA IV world record gameplay attempt,

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    1. Must be goofing around a lot. I read that an experienced GTA player should be able to complete the game in 50 hrs. Although if we’re talking about percentage of missions and sub-missions completed, that could take weeks.

      After what little I’ve seen of it, I can’t wait to own GTA IV. The improved physics, and the fact that you rarely (if ever) see the same two people walking the streets is enough for me.

      Any word on whether you can access a BoingBoing parody site from within the game?

    2. The percentage complete is not the story line, it’s every piece of content in the game. The main story line can be completed in under 30 hours, but to reach 100% game completion you’d probably be looking at over 100 hours of play time.

    3. “much ado about…?”

      About probably one of the largest media releases in history, and a funny story that goes along with it.

    4. im just curious as to how long he will try to keep playing after hitting the 25-hour mark and how long it will be until the next attempted record-breakage.

    5. …and the stat he’s particularly proud of? 0 times cheated.

      Wait, the game just came out, like, yesterday or something? Are the cheat codes ALREADY on the internet for him to decide Not To Use? If they are, this is some kind of new benchmark of the medium of “video games” being completely not about “skill” any more.

    6. Hilarious! It’s Matty from Bushleague.TV We just passed the 27th hour mark. The goal at this point is stopping at the 28! Thank you for all your support… especially everyone on the BoingBoing team.

    7. Don’t Chinese gold farmers rack up this kind of time every day?

      Ya, while impressive, this is probably one of those records that has been beaten thousands of times, but never officially. There have been quite a few stories in the last several years detailing people (usually Koreans) dying at the computer after playing for days straight.

      Personally, I’ve had a few runs between the 14-20 hour mark in various MMO’s, but I never had the foresight to contact the Guinness World Record people beforehand.

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