Headless sheep stools

Sam Brown's "Sheep" stools look like great kids' room additions -- nothing says "innocent childhood" like sitting on a headless sheep. Link (via Babygadget)


  1. They look interesting–I want to pet them. But you know that they are going to become one big matted mess that will require brushing. Gawd, I don’t have the time to brush my stools. Anyone who has had a sheep skin rug knows what a mess they can become.

  2. That is one scary arm chair.

    There should some plastic droppings sold with the stools,to scatter underneath. Further, this item has inspired me:the Stool Stool. It will be disgusting.

  3. @ Antinous (#3): I had vivid, horrible images of sitting on the tip of an impacted fecal…. thing.

    When the image loaded…. all I could think of was Dugong shit.

    This ends my highbrow contribution for the day.

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