sudo make me a cheezburger (LOLified iphone snap)


... apologies to (thanks, Wayneco!).


  1. I lol’ed hard. This is a classic, and quite possibly the only Lolcat trash I actually like. I love it when people are so clever.

  2. Do you live in an office?

    I only ask b/c I’ve never seen a glowing green EXIT sign in a residential setting.

  3. /shyly raising hand
    I must not be geek enough cause I’m not getting it. Can someone explain, please? /hand

  4. Seriously – I realize no one will probably respond to this because it’s old news now, but I don’t get it either .. and I’ve followed lolcats for a while – I know the cheezburger reference in terms of lolcats and I’ve read the xkcd comic before and I use linux on a regular basis.

    But still – I don’t understand!! There’s eggs in the picture. And sliced bread! How does this relate!! Why is this comedy!

  5. Dath my brother (I assume), “sudo” is something you can use in the UNIX operating system (rhymes with “eunuchs”) to force the superuser (ultimate controller) of a system to execute the command. It’s like the triple-dog-dare of commands.

    It’s a programming joke. Since nerdy programmers are generally reviled in our society, I think it’s only fair that they have in-jokes that confuse outsiders. But you’re no longer an outsider my brother! You are one of us. Welcome.

  6. Dath mentions he uses linux therefore we can safely assume he knows what sudo and make are.

    #make install
    make: 34242-002 The error code from the last command is 1.
    #cat -vET visacard.txt

  7. ControlBroke – somehow I failed to even see that part of his comment! Sorry, Dath.

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