sudo make me a cheezburger (LOLified iphone snap)


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  1. wayneco says:

    OK, Seymour: You’re now a cheezburger!

  2. darrell says:

    If only IRL sudo existed…

  3. toby_panzer says:

    horribly funny!

  4. Caroline says:

    It looks more like he’s getting an egg salad sandwich.

  5. mdhatter says:

    Do you live in an office?

    I only ask b/c I’ve never seen a glowing green EXIT sign in a residential setting.

  6. dath says:

    Seriously – I realize no one will probably respond to this because it’s old news now, but I don’t get it either .. and I’ve followed lolcats for a while – I know the cheezburger reference in terms of lolcats and I’ve read the xkcd comic before and I use linux on a regular basis.

    But still – I don’t understand!! There’s eggs in the picture. And sliced bread! How does this relate!! Why is this comedy!

  7. Sister Y says:

    Dath my brother (I assume), “sudo” is something you can use in the UNIX operating system (rhymes with “eunuchs”) to force the superuser (ultimate controller) of a system to execute the command. It’s like the triple-dog-dare of commands.

    It’s a programming joke. Since nerdy programmers are generally reviled in our society, I think it’s only fair that they have in-jokes that confuse outsiders. But you’re no longer an outsider my brother! You are one of us. Welcome.

  8. controlbroke says:

    Dath mentions he uses linux therefore we can safely assume he knows what sudo and make are.

    #make install
    make: 34242-002 The error code from the last command is 1.
    #cat -vET visacard.txt

  9. Sister Y says:

    ControlBroke – somehow I failed to even see that part of his comment! Sorry, Dath.

  10. AahMyEyes says:


  11. MrsBug says:

    /shyly raising hand
    I must not be geek enough cause I’m not getting it. Can someone explain, please? /hand

  12. Zyklon says:

    I lol’ed hard. This is a classic, and quite possibly the only Lolcat trash I actually like. I love it when people are so clever.

  13. SleighBoy says:

    localhost kitteh# cat ingredients | make cheezburger && snarf cheezburger

  14. controlbroke says:


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