Space aliens invade Canada


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m reasonably sure the one on the left is Jimmy Hoffa !!!

  2. Tony Tarle says:

    @2: give it a rest.

    Yes the system is pretty over worked… but it’s there when you need it.

  3. logrus101 says:

    In this case, the nice curved edges of the aliens spacesuits are the “reflected window” giveaway.

    This mostly seems to happen with replacement storm windows, which can have thin sheets of glass and be cheaply manufactured. The glass ends up slightly concave (or convex), creating a lens with square edges.

    If you know the approximate size of the aliens curves (looks like about 10cm to me) and the distance to the window (maybe 20-30 meters?), you can get a rough approximation of how badly the window is distorted by just taking the ratio. With those numbers, the deflection is only few millimeters.

  4. Cpt. Tim says:

    Its jesus and mary. deal with it.

  5. Antinous says:

    Mai etheric body. Let me sho u it.

  6. naturalismo says:

    are those tonberries from final fantasy?

  7. sonipitts says:

    It’s a streetlight!

    Sorry, wrong site…

  8. mikelotus says:

    they are here to give anal probes

  9. License Farm says:

    Jeez, it’s just Cory and Alice visiting the folks. See, Poesy’s in her 3-dimensional tungsten stroller until she learns to be a being of light like her mommy and daddy.


    That’s not Mary, and I have the toast right here to prove it.

  11. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    A@27, snarf!

    License Farm, you know too much.

  12. Mori says:

    As Argon noted above, these reflections have already been subject of attention, but as “crosses of light”. And were explained.

    The first publicized image of the aliens in Canada (to the right) didn’t make the relationship that clear, but the second one clearly shows those “crosses”.

    Curiously, another “alien reflection” has been publicized recently in the UK:

    It also follows the same principle.

  13. scottfree says:


    I think Canadian health care already covers that.

  14. The Unusual Suspect says:


    Actually it’s Americans who are taking it up the a$$, healthcare-wise.

  15. StridentLobster says:

    Huh, how weird is this. I live in Calgary, I’m a CBC junkie, and I never heard a peep about this. How is it that NBC got wind of it over a month ago? Maybe the US media is more receptive to BS and miracles?

    Also, @20: 4:30 is considered night from about November to February in Calgary.

  16. padster123 says:

    Caustics, refracted through a glass ornament or something. You can see a similar effect (much more complex) in the title sequence for My Stepmother is and Alien.

    In this case, SO easy to find what’s causing it.

    Just find a place where your arm blocks the light, and then follow “up stream”. Or, another way to do the same thing, go put your head where the “alien” image is, turn round to look outwards away from the wall, and where is the blinding light coming from? A glass bowl on the window sill? A building across the street?

    Anyway – cute, and pretty.

  17. Tony Tarle says:

    They come for the health care.

  18. manicbassman says:


    purely and simply, they’re caustics…

    she’s got some sort of bowl or other glass object in the window…

  19. Antinous says:

    Glass candlesticks.

  20. paul567 says:

    If that was the case, they should have picked a different city. The Calgary Health Region is pretty over worked and wait times can get really long.

    I’d like to know how these ‘aliens’ are created. The link for the article has been boingboinged.

  21. Scuba SM says:


    American News will cover *anything* so long as they don’t have to cover, you know, actual news. Alien sighting in Canada? Sweet, we’re on it! Informed reporting Chechnya, Tibet, etc? Anything but that!

  22. Cowicide says:

    #2 posted by paul567

    I’d like to know how these ‘aliens’ are created.

    A play of light from a reflection, what else?

  23. noen says:

    She should go with her first impulse.

  24. ludo says:

    Link is broken.

  25. tanner says:

    Has anyone tried..standing in front of it?

  26. Beryllium says:

    I wonder exactly *what* is reflecting? I bet that guy from Numb3rs could come up with a reverse raytracing model for it from the photo :)

  27. TombKing says:

    “a neighbor dismisses them as reflections”
    I would too. That is sure what they look like and they don’t show up on cloudy days could be a big clue.

  28. Ben says:

    And if a celebutard spots an alien, doubleplus good.

  29. David Pescovitz says:

    Fixed the link. Thanks!!

  30. flyinglily says:

    I’m just distracted by the nanny’s arm hair.

  31. David Carroll says:

    Excuse me this is “A directory of Wonderful things” not a directory of refractions on a wall that any thinking person could explain… ;)

    OK. They are sorta cute..

    Now if you excuse me I need to take a picture of a piece of toast with Elvis’s likeness on it before my dog eats it. Oops too late…

  32. hellhead says:

    This family needs to be careful, these things have been known to make some serious ehtereal love.

  33. Takuan says:

    two kermit dolls in a camera obscura

  34. Argon says:

    Two images of a similar effect are shown a little down the page at , it’s further explained at

    There also are ‘magic mirrors’ that project entire images, due to slight imperfections from a corresponding relief on their backside.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Klaatu barada nikto

  36. Kibble says:

    Iz in ur gas m3t3r now lol

  37. Alys says:

    I’d like to know where exactly; I’d pop round and see for myself.

  38. anthropomorphictoast says:

    What’d really be cool would be two aliens, the Virgin Mary, Elvis and the Loch Ness Monster on a wall.

  39. Echo says:

    It’s Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. And they’re hot. Touch ‘em. Try it. You’ll see, smokin’.

  40. Anonymous says:

    You may have noticed that the two pictures are different. In the left one, one of the left “alien” eye is drooping down to his chin!

  41. Bitgod says:

    Oh sure, there’d be people all over this if this was the Virgin Mary or Jesus. Hmmm…well, there ARE 2 in the picture….maybe they were aliens all along.

    Anyway, great story, I’ll have to save the link to send to others the next time Jesus or Mary show up.

  42. Blackbird says:

    #43 – Takuan

    Almost…almost got it. It’s…”they are only here to serve you…on a platter”.

    It’s a nice platter though…so, consider yourself lucky I guess.

  43. benchatt says:

    Gosh, they haven’t tried to make contact yet? This is what we get when there isn’t a horrible Star Trek franchise series on air to teach us how to deal with alien life.

  44. eagleapex says:

    I’ve noticed this a lot. The vacuum or special gases in Insulated Glass Units that make up a lot of buildings bend the glass out of a perfectly flat plane. Crazy! Now I need to go make some art with that effect.

  45. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Ask Will Robinson what they are.

  46. SeppTB says:

    #9 – I think thats pretty obvious. Didn’t Signs show us that aliens and water don’t mix? They go away on cloudy days to avoid the rain.

  47. Takuan says:

    keep an eye on Alys, I think she may be one of Them

  48. Gainclone says:

    There was a great episode of TNG where Geordi took a video recording, converted it to a holodeck program, and traced shadows by interpolating shape and size based on distance and comparative location. WHERE IS GEORDI WHEN YOU NEED HIM!?

    But yeah, caustics.

  49. Hach3 says:

    So, they disappear when it’s raining huh… Clearly they beings are rain spirits. In Canada, for some reason.

  50. ablestmage says:

    The article doesn’t mention whether they move as the sun moves, or if something obstructs them as they gradually slip off to the top or bottom, or whether they just fade away or simply vanish immediately, so it may not necessarily be a sun-reflection.

  51. Rukasu says:

    I used to have similar things at my house growing up. The sun would reflect on our windows onto the neighbors house…light reflections, lame.

  52. Rukasu says:

    and since when is 4:30-6pm considered night?

  53. Bigdoggpinc says:

    This is really cool, I did not see this up and personal but I am sure they came here to order a case of Crave Energy drink. I am sure of it.

  54. Art says:

    “two kermit dolls in a camera obscura”

    Once again, Takuan nails it on the head.

    I, however, would like to believe that these aliens are authentic and are really, really cute and friendly.

    Now- back to watching “Aliens” for the umpteenth time…

  55. Takuan says:

    they are only here to serve you

  56. ill lich says:

    #2 PAUL567

    “I’d like to know how these ‘aliens’ are created.”

    GOD created them on the 8th day, but this was suppressed by the 1st Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.


  57. Antinous says:

    David Carroll, WTF?

    Tak, Sis, Ark, etc. You have to do a shot now.

  58. Takuan says:

    spam reported

  59. snackcake says:

    I remember this episode from The Brady Bunch. (Peter did it)

  60. Avram says:

    Rukasu, “lame”? Man, your life must be a non-stop hall of wonders if this is lame to you.

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