Adam Savage's dodo bird skeleton

Adam Savage is at Maker Faire this year and he brought some of his incredible creations, including a Maltese Falcon, an Indiana Jones whip, and this beautiful recreation of a Dodo bird skeleton.

(Click on thumbnails for enlargement)

dodo-bird1.jpg dodo-bird2.jpg dodo-bird3.jpg


  1. Adam (and Jamie) are gods. But would anyone agree that the most recent Mythbusters have been a little disapointing? Most episodes consist of two myths (one ‘seniors’ one for the ‘juniors’) that get padded to fit the time. Personnally I like seeing the design and build of the myths just as much as the ‘money shot’

    Or maybe I’m just getting grumpy.

  2. Ah, the Dodo bird. I was very sad when I learned they had gone extinct. The world suddenly became smaller and lonelier.

  3. I have resurched the dodo bird a lot and I thought it would help if people knew that at the time people thought the dodo bird went extinct it actually lived thirty years longer

  4. thats so wrong what they do to those harmful animals i wished they lived until i got to see them im so sad wright now. when i have kids they might not see polar bears or pandas

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