Weekend Mayhem: Come Play Team Fortress 2 With Boing Boing!

You are cordially invited to an orgy of cartoon mayhem: Valve's superb Team Fortress 2 is free to play this weekend to celebrate a new update, and we've got a 26-player server set up and ready to roll. And we're playing now! All you need is the Steam client, a half-decent PC and and a good internet connection: download what you need at the TF2: Gold Rush Update site. Don't worry if you can't make it just this second: the server should be up all night. Here's how to find us. Open up Team Fortress 2, click Find Servers and then check the "Custom" tab. Our server name is Boing Boing Team Fortress 2. Our direct ip, if you need it, is The password is "jackhammerjill" without the quotes. That should bring you in! The server's up and running now! We're looking forward to being stabbed in the back, immolated, uber-charged and exploded by all of you! Weekend Schedule: (The server's up 24/7, but it's good to set gathering times) Friday 4 p.m.-late Saturday, 4-7 p.m. EST Sunday, 4-7 p.m. EST


  1. Watch out for hackers. A free pass means you can’t get your steam account banned for hacking, which is quite tempting for some.

  2. Is there a version for Mac? Wait, LOL… I’m on a Mac, I don’t fuck with games. Welp, back to work. LOL

  3. Mister N – 360 and PC servers don’t cross for TF2. So having TF2 on 360 wouldn’t do any good!

    I’ll be there tonight after work

  4. You guys should have done this when TF2 was new. At least at that time, the game had some resemblance to a game of skill. The recent patches have pretty much taken it down the road of being an incredibly easy game of silliness.

    Don’t mind me. I’ve been mourning the loss of quality difficult fpses ever since Tribes 2 was patched to death.

  5. Heck yeah! I don’t play many games lately, but with BoingBoingers I think it’ll be great!

  6. Am I the only one who can’t find the server in the list, or through direct IP?

  7. Hey guys! We’re still there, but having a bit of difficulty gaining momentum: people come in, see only a few people in, and leave. If you could come in and stick around for 10 or 15, that would help us get t going.

  8. @#10: I’m sure it’ll pick up around 6pm Pacific Time, after everybody gets home from the work-land and eats some foods.

  9. Awesome, see you on the killing fields this evening! May wit and hilarity strike you down with great vengeance and furious anger.

  10. blerg, i had to uninstall it just last night, ill be in when the download is done…

  11. Boxthor played Medic.
    Boxthor got hit with a Soldier Rocket and retreated.
    Boxthor hit the Medic Call button in front of another medic.
    Boxthor was ignored by other medic.
    Boxthor jammed the Medic Call Button in front of the other medic, and jumped up and down in front of him.
    Boxthor gave up after 30 seconds.
    Boxthor chided other Medic in chat.
    Boxthor was jeered at by other players because we can’t all be expected to be “leet haxor”

  12. I played a bit of Dustbowl on the BB server and managed to unlock four achievements including Milestone 1 for the medic. Credits go to that fearless Pyro on my team and those silly enemy Spies. Thanks!

  13. This is terrific stuff! I actually budgeted some time to play TF2 this evening so I will stop by (assuming it isn’t filled to capacity all night).

  14. I may pop on later. I’m a regular on TF2. My id is =(e)=subtle_turtle (the =(e)= part is a clan tag).

  15. I have been looking for an excuse to play this! Now, I have it! Are there problems getting the server up or people playing it? I’ve been waiting for it to show up.

  16. those of you having trouble… launch the game, bring up the console by hitting ~ (you may need to enable it in the options menu, probably under advanced), then copy and paste “connect” without the quotes. Bang.

  17. launch the game, bring up the console by hitting ~

    Now you’re just messing with us. ~ does nothing, and it doesn’t appear in options.

  18. You need to enable the developer console in the Advanced section of the options. There’s a button called “Advanced…” I think, click that and it’s one of the two or three checkboxes.

    Is the password on the server necessary? You’d get more players without it.

    Mac players – you can use Crossover Games. There’s a free 30 day trial and it’ll run on any Intel Mac. I use it on my MacBook Pro and it works almost as well as in Windows (except at slightly lower graphics quality).

  19. Boxthor was right by me when this went on.
    Boxthor was kind of a dick, sure.
    Boxthor was right about that medic.
    Boxthor doesn’t realize how much fun it is to nag at people who flame.
    Boxthor got flamed back.
    And all was well.

    …And then I got hit by that train, but I took some scout with me.

    …friggin’ scout. Tryin-a hit me wif teh metal bat. Spycheck my ass.

  20. I couldn’t find the server on the list, but I just used “connect”. Come to think of it, I didn’t need a password.

    It was really fun playing against you guys. I was Foolster41, playing mostly as heavie) and I think
    I saw Boxthor and Turtle. (Those CP_well matches were great. :) )

    Appreche: “Easy” is a term dependent on the people you play against. I’m not very good at the game, so it’s very tough for me.

    Felix: I thought the server was VAC secured (So cheating should be just about impossible.)
    If it isn’t, why not? I assume some technical reason.

  21. The easiest way is to connect to a manual IP/port is to use the ‘favourites’ tab of the server browser. Just hit ‘add a favourite’ and it’ll prompt you for the server details. That way, you don’t have to enable the developer console.

    @33: VAC uses (delayed) bans against steam accounts. But because of the free weekend, any new account can play TF2. So, there’s nothing to stop cheaters replacing their banned accounts with temporary ones. And they did exactly that every time Valve held a free Day of Defeat Source weekend.

  22. That was fun! It was especially good because it was free of people farming medic achievements (which has really sucked recently). I play medic about half the time (and soldier the other half), but I haven’t been recently because there are 5-6 medics on every team standing in the spawn healing each other.
    Good games everyone! I may jump on again tonight!

  23. Oh yeah, and a standing invite to everyone to join eGo, which is the best TF2 clan there is! Just go to edgegamers.org and tell ’em subtle sent you!

  24. Thanks for setting this up, it makes a great break from exam revision!

    Unfortunately my revision sessions are getting shorter and the TF2 breaks are getting longer.

    If I don’t pass the Client Server Programming module of my degree I’ll have some pretty impressive medic achievements to put on my CV, so it’s not a complete loss.

  25. Good times! Thanks for setting this up.

    It’s good to find a self-selecting crowd on the server. Hope to see you all around.

  26. couple of hacks ruining the game now and no admin to kick em. hopefully valve fixes that permanent uber medic thing…

  27. Yeah… I know there’s a server function votekick or voteban, but I don’t know if there’s software that needs to be installed in order to do that. Maybe a password of Jackhammerjill might be a good idea again, unfortunately.

  28. Serve is full of people just colluding to give each other achievements. Not sure why that’s fun for them, but it isn’t for me.

  29. We’ll be turning on the password today, that should clear out the riff-raff.]


  30. Gah. If you were playing on Xbox Live, I would have been able to join!

    My computer is an evil dinosaur that crashes whenever I try to play games on it. Boo!

  31. Darn it, busy all weekend. Set up another time! I want to BOINK everyone in the head my Louisville Slugger!

  32. We have this server for the next month, and we’ll probably schedule specific times for weekend games for all that time.

  33. To get in, I had to go to console and do “connect”.

    I was on earlier today. Lotsa fun. Other team couldn’t handle it on Gravel Pit, as it was too real for them.

  34. this ever going to happen again?
    im running steam on linux and its works pretty well for any of you non windows types.

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