Women report incubus attacks

From the police blotter in Federal Way, Washington: •
At 4:02 p.m. April 10, two women went into the Federal Way police station claiming that over the past two years, a paranormal person has been placing sensors on their bodies and visiting them in their house at 28600 block of 25th Place South. They said that the ghost has been having sexual intercourse with them. One woman said that these incidents started in Kent and continued when she moved here. The other woman said that this just started now.
Link to Federal Way Mirror, Link to more at Damn Data


  1. *sigh*
    Great. My old hometown. I swear – not everyone who lives there is a loon. That said, I am very glad I moved away to the Los Angeles area where people are considerably less weird. 8 months or more of rain throughout the year does interesting things to people, I’m afraid.

  2. Does the woman from Kent have anybody else in her household who moved with her? It seems interesting that she’s the common link between these two incidents…

  3. if you should here that little “clop” in the night emanating from the bathroom, there is no need to get up. You will surely not discover the toilet lid slightly up and there will be no glitter of eye peering from the slight crack. Further, there is no chance whatsoever of a sinuous tendril emerging alongside and making it’s way across the floor to your bedside. Really.

  4. hmmm…so it wasnt at all like in Ghost? I wonder if spectral date rape drugs were involved.

  5. What are these “sensors” the ghost puts on their bodies? Why do they allow it to happen? The story is very short on detail.

  6. “The maintenance man in charge of all the units told me the women keep calling him, saying the ghosts are raping them on weekend nights.”

    …for two years?!

    Frankly, I’d be ticked enough after the first raping to make a report. What changed after 104 weekends?

    Or maybe the cops just misinterpreted what the women were trying to convey…

    “Hey baby, check ME out, I’m Paranormal!” (Wakka Chikka, Wakka Chikka) – really officer, that’s what he said!

  7. (yawn) I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time and these people are just overreacting. Raped by ghosts. Feh.

  8. Your own acolytes aren’t enough Takuan? Leave some table scraps for the lesser spirits.

  9. Any link on BBG for ghost-proof undies? I would prefer if they were ectoplasmic resistant and apparition proof.

    Now, if this turns out to be another governor in a sex scandal…

  10. Badkitty, I don’t know how long it’s been since you lived in the FW, but this story doesn’t sound anything out of the ordinary for me.

  11. chelskatra – I fled the region when I was 16. I am now 44. Yeah, it’s been a while.

  12. i thought this one was just as interesting:

    “At 12:52 a.m. April 7, two men got into a fight. One of them punched the other in the nose causing the other to bleed, and eventually retrieved a machete from inside the residence. It appeared that these men had a relationship for over 10 years and were currently residing together in the 600 block of South 317th Street.”

    you know it’s true love when there’s a machete involved.

  13. Well, let me shine a light on how bad this could possibly be for her. I’m a man who has been ass-raped in a dream, and awoken to find my rear very sore. When no one else was home or even had been for several days. No unlocked doors, no open windows.

    I do not pretend to know how this happened, ghostly or otherwise. No one considers me a ‘loon,’ either.

    Make what you will of it, but know that it’s probably very traumatic for the woman.

  14. I’m a little surprised that this phenomenon is still being ascribed to ghosts – I thought the little grey visitors had cornered that market.

  15. something like this has happened to me before, really weird. It was back in 2000 or so and I felt hands on me, etc. and then whoever it was enter me. It happened a few times that year and sometimes similar things “not as well defined” in later years have occurred. I’m inclined to believe that it had something to do with someone in an adjacent apartment having sex with her bf – as if i was experiencing it too since I faked my orgasm one time.

  16. I sleepwalk, writhe, chew my tongue, talk and a variety of other activities when I’m asleep, probably because of my weird connective tissue disorder and associated neuro-freakiness. I wonder if this is a case of self-molestation. I sometimes wake up with bruises that I didn’t have the night before. Oh yeah, I’ve also clocked two lovers in the middle of the night. Different nights. I’m not that kind of gentleman.

  17. The part that confuses me is the fact that they apparenly waited two years, THEN thought it’d be a good time to visit the police. Not that I’m inclined to believe a word of it regardless, but still.

  18. Sounds like two women high on LSD that later found out they regretted it and exchanged “creepy guy” with “ghost”?

  19. Huh. It sounds like a pretty standard case of sleep paralysis. Is this news? Oh wait… no, it’s just reprinting the police blotter verbatim, slapping on a headline without context, and leaving all analysis to the reader. Yay, modern journalism!

  20. I hear BBTV is planning to spin off a new cable channel: BoingBoing News – We Report, You Complain!

    But in any case, my bitching was directed at the Federal Way Mirror, from whence the story originally came.

  21. Oh, thank god, number 38. Thanks for saying that. As I scrolled through the comments, my horror just swelled — I thought no one was going to name the phenomenon, and that we’d all just keep calling these women crazy.

    I’ve experienced what was printed in the blotter, and it began when I left home for college at age 18. And that makes for, count ’em, eight solid years of constant night terrors. And until I heard about hypnogogia, I honestly thought I was being raped by Satan, just like Rosemary. (No one ever mentions that part, because it’s awful and it’s shameful and it’s full of incredible guilt.)

    Sleep paralysis is fairly common, and it isn’t new. Sometimes the body falls asleep without politely waiting for the mind to cash out: for the somniac, the result is his being convinced that he is so totally conscious, but alas, unable to move his limbs or to speak. Terrifyingly, because his mind is half off and half on, and because his eyes may physically be open, paralysis can also involve visual and auditory hallucination — they’re usually otherworldly, just superimposed atop reality. The most salient quality — this is the thing that pretty much defines most any sleep paralysis episode — is the belief that a malicious entity is present or approaching, or that the attacker is, even more horrifically, sitting on your chest and pressing the air out of your lungs.

    The idea of the incubus/succubus is totally derived from this phenomenon, and a lot of people actually end up wandering around churches asking for exorcisms, totally believing they’re being possessed by Satan. Some people believe — rightly, I think — that claims of alien abduction or weird autopsies or whatever, can completely be attributed to the effects of a paralyzing episode. All of paralysis’s bells and whistles seem so awesomely, terrifyingly real, it’s damn near impossible to convince a sufferer that it was just a dream.

    Case studies are always quick to draw a link between sleep paralysis and my very favorite neurological disorder, narcolepsy! It makes sense, though — not only do the two frequently occur together, but they’re also basically the same thing, insofar as the mind stays awake while the body falls asleep (see also crippling cataplexy!). Supposedly, frequent sleep paralysis bouts may signal that you’re about to develop a full-blown panic disorder.

    There’s absolutely nothing more frightening than seemingly being unable to move or breathe, and if you don’t know what’s happening, you believe you’re going crazy, or worse. I’m shocked at the number of jokes made at these women’s expense. Frankly, I’m considering contacting the paper or whoever, because these women should not believe these events are abnormal or isolated.

  22. Although many are swift to disregard claims of the paranormal, area police are taking the women’s claims seriously. At present, several suspects are being questioned, including Brandon Boyd and Michael Einziger. (While no direct claims of supernatural powers have been issued by the suspects, many witnesses have reported hearing the men recount interactions with beings described as “stellar.”)

  23. @46:
    That woman sure has odd sexual tastes! Come to think of it, apparently cthulhu does too, from his species’ point of view.

  24. Hmmm…does anyone know how to reach these spectral lovers ? I need a date for saturday night!

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