Al Capp's "Fearless Fosdick" inspiration for Kurtzman's Mad?


6 Responses to “Al Capp's "Fearless Fosdick" inspiration for Kurtzman's Mad?”

  1. billso says:

    Capp’s Fosdick strip was sheer brilliance.

  2. eustace says:

    That was hysterically funny, and the line work is amazing – which is par for Al Capp, admittedly.

  3. airship says:

    Over thirty years ago, I studied cartooning under a cartoonist who was Capp’s assistant for over a decade. In other words, he drew Lil’ Abner when Capp was ‘self-incapacitated’. He told a great many ‘Capp is an ass’ stories, too. Of course, Capp was also a genius, which my mentor emphasized as well.

    Funny how the two seem so often to go hand in hand.

  4. Falcon_Seven says:

    As a kid we would always pick up the Sunday ‘Daily News’ after church at the local delicatessan. Dad would never allow us to read the ‘funny papers’ until he did because we would always “make a mess of them with our ‘Silly Putty’ and what not.” His favorites were ‘Dick Tracy’ and ‘L’il Abner’. ‘Fearless Fosdick’ was one of his favorite Al Capp characters because of its’ parody of his most favorite comic, ‘Dick Tracy’.

  5. LSK says:

    “Fosdick! We thought you were dead!”
    “I was – but it didn’t prove fatal. Only a mild case.”

  6. dollys says:

    My late husband basically grew up in Al Capp’s kitchen in the 50s in Cambridge Mass (next door neighbors), and he used to tell me stories about how cranky Al was in person, how he really did rant and rave – he probably indoctrinated my husband and his friend, who was Al Capp’s son. I don’t know about the friend, but my husband certainly demonstrated and expressed a lot of anti-big government and anti-authoritarian sentiments throughout our almost 43-year marriage. He probably was already going to be an iconoclast, but being exposed at an impressionable age (in his early-to-mid teens) to someone like Al Capp no doubt warped him (in a good way, though, don’t get me wrong!). Anyway, I totally remember loving Fearless Fosdick as a kid. What a treat to relive it!

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