Machine converts light from microfiche reader to music on a Casio keyboard

Andrew sez, "IEEE Spectrum reporter Josh Romero did a short video piece about the microfiche-to-MIDI machine that I showed at the Bay Area Maker Faire. The machine converts light from a microfiche machine into MIDI signals, which are then played through an old Casio keyboard. The machine is used by the band Microfiche in a few of their songs." Link (Thanks, Andrew!)


  1. Cory, dude, it’s the wrong video.

    (But don’t lose this one – it’s pretty cool as well. I didn’t know those controllers had accelerometers!)

  2. Both those videos are great. I’ve a project in mind in the vein of these that I’m going to take a stab at completing in time for next year’s Maker Fest. Don’t suppose a more easternly installment is forthcoming to save me the airfare, is there?

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