Scientific research inside Second Life


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  1. Sophrosyne says:


    Come to Extropia! We’re hosting the NASA Future Forum today, the Editor in Chief of American Anthropologist tomorrow, the head of NASA’s virtuality efforts on Saturday – and that’s just this week!

    We’re on the web here, or search for “Extropia” in SL.

  2. Luc Neurocam says:


    Can I go populate the surrounding area with simulated mutated wildlife?

    Yes. I just ask that you be careful and don’t litter.

  3. Lobster says:

    Can I go populate the surrounding area with simulated mutated wildlife?

  4. Elysianartist says:

    Yes. Yes you can.

  5. Bloo says:

    Has anyone built an SL client that doesn’t require an insane (AKA I can’t justify it in the family budget)graphics card?

  6. Berci Mesko says:

    We also have medical simulations in Second Life.

    And a scientific conference series, the “Scifoo lives on” sessions:

  7. Marilyn Terrell says:

    There’s also a 3D organic chemistry quiz at Scifoo Lives On:

  8. tgjerusalem says:

    This is extremely cool.

    I’m going to have to check these out when I get home. I admit, as severely cool as the idea behind it is, I’ve never been able to really get into Second Life, mostly because all I ever seem to be able to find are empty stores and porn.

    I’m sure there are fun and interesting things to do and see and people to meet, I just wish I knew where to find them.

  9. MrScience says:

    Why yes, #3, there was a text-based client for Second Life. :)

  10. TeenageMutantNinjaLincoln says:

    For God’s sake PLEASE spare us any more non-news from Second Life — the land of non-people who waste their lives doing non-things because they loathe themselves too much to turn off the damned PC and go outside now and then.

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