Chris Ware: This American Life animation


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  1. Hyoscine says:

    I like it! It’s nice to see Chris Ware doing something that isn’t absolutely harrowing.

  2. ZippySpincycle says:

    I’ve been a fan of Chris Ware since forever, but damned if I can force myself to appreciate his most recent circle-obsessed style.

    Sigh…Sometimes I think I just might not be a hipster after all.

  3. mesrop says:

    Taymar??? or Tamar… is she Armenian?

  4. hokano says:

    Wow! Ambulatory jazz-age snowman!

  5. guanoboy says:

    That’s not just any couple, it’s Robert Krulwich of Radiolab fame and his wife, Tamar Lewin, who is a reporter for the New York Times. Robert’s also a well known news reporter…check out his bio at:

    and her stories at:

  6. Fart Sandwich says:

    I live in Chicago, and a little after I moved into my current place, I learned that Chris Ware had lived in an apartment above me, but he had moved out shortly before I moved in.

    I had no idea who that was, but living in the hipster neighborhood of Chicago, I learned pretty quick.

    I know that was totally random, but I feel at least a little connection to somebody I’ve never met, that just so happens to be on BoingBoing today.

  7. Fart Sandwich says:

    By the way, the animation was awesome.

  8. the_Bird says:

    Very cool animation, but unneccesary. One of the real beauties of TAL is how easy it is to visualize the stories being told; seeing it literally drawn out is almost redundant.

  9. Stefan Jones says:

    #3: It would have been even cooler if he had left behind a bizarre hand-assembled wood vending machine in the laundry room that sold detergent packaged in boxes decorated with elaborate calligraphy and cheeky ad copy.

  10. tastypopsicle says:

    +1 for the “Marriage Jury”. Oh I laughed and laughed and laughed because it’s true.

    Animation and story: I enjoyed it very much.

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