Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham on 1960s TV talk show

Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham on a 1960s talk show, asking him questions like what his favorite commandment is ("Honor thy father and mother," says Billy, to which Woody replies, "That's my *least* favorite commandment"). Both men are in their prime here. If only TV were still this interesting and entertaining. (Part 2) (via Filled With Chocolate Pudding)


  1. Lol, I’ve randomly stumbled across this before. My favourite part is the look on Woody’s face when Billy Graham suggests he would be a good priest. You can see the fantasies of power running throuh his mind.

  2. Billy Graham’s supposed “prime” still leaves much to be desired. When pressed to explain possible contradictions, all he has is “god is perfect” and “well, that’s hypothetical” – as if the entirety of the so-called “scriptures” wasn’t hypothetical!

  3. Well we had to sanitize everything so no one would be offended, obviously we don’t need no stinking interesting and entertaining anymore!

  4. Reminds me of the interview section on The Daily Show, but infinitely more entertaining. I’d love to see Woody exercise this sort of public wit again.

  5. At roughly the same time this was airing, so was The Brady Bunch, Gomer Pyle and The Flying Nun. TV is still this interesting you just have to know where to look.

  6. Wow. I guess there was once a time when people could disagree and remain civil, even cordial in their conversation. For all our hipness, we are more close-minded now as a society then we were when this video took place.

  7. Does anyone else think that the quality of this video makes Graham look like Max Headroom?

  8. I’m getting a “no longer available” notice on the embedded video. You can still view it here:

  9. Me: Not primarily close-minded. Say rather that we’re artificially polarized, and close-minded in consequence.

  10. Is it me or do the mannerisms, hand gestures and overall delivery of the young candid Billy Graham seem almost identical to those of current day Bill Clinton..?

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