Scary sign for giant edible "wings" in New York


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  1. Fenchurch says:


  2. hassan-i-sabbah says:


  3. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Nah, Monstro!

  4. coldspell says:

    The new price is $6.99. Do you think the previous price was more or less?

  5. Kibble says:

    I believe that this picture, like the one in that story on the girl thrown out of her prom, is yet another reference to “One Million B.C.” How well I remember Raquel Welch tearing into those pterodactyl wings.

  6. License Farm says:

    Mmm, Roc wings. Not to be confused with Charles S. Dutton.

    I love the end of that sketch:

    Customer: I’ll take two.

    Man: I’ve only got the one, y’cocksucker.

  7. David Carroll says:

    OK that’s it. Licences and breathalyzer/THC tests before anyone can use Photoshop/(insert favourite app. here).

    Just like a car, you can peel around your own turf but you can’t use the “tubes” without a road test….

  8. Jupiter12 says:

    If they wings are really that big then 10 for $6.99 is a very good price.

  9. Talia says:

    What’s the matter, Colonel Sanders?


  10. Howard Wen says:

    Photoshoppery aside, that’s a pretty good deal — 10 pieces of chicken (I assume dark) for $6.99.

    Damn, I haven’t had lunch yet.

  11. Dustin Driver says:

    Animal 99?

  12. MITTZNZ says:

    Maybe I’ve looked at too much porn in my life, but that looks kind of sexual?

  13. Glossolalia Black says:

    Comes from the same place Fred Flintstone gets his rack o’ ribs.

  14. Glossolalia Black says:

    Which, because I’m a huge geek, I looked up on YouTube to find out that the place was called BRONTO BURGERS AND RIBS DRIVE THRU.

    You’re welcome.

  15. Jake0748 says:

    Ah yes, Bronto Burger. They used up all the energy they got eating those huge rib racks because their car was feet-powered (not to mention had big stone wheels).

  16. Not a Doktor says:

    #15: because it is


  17. pooklord says:

    When I look at that picture, I don’t thinky of Monty Python sketches.

  18. dbarak says:

    That’s a B-52 wing.

  19. Stefan Jones says:

    What Photoshop? They’re Dodo wings.

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