Scary sign for giant edible "wings" in New York

Photoshop disasters posted this ad for humungous "wings." The Monty Python sketch below is a good fit:
Customer: What flavor is it? Man: It's a bird mate, it's a bloody bird, it's not any bloody flavor. Albatross!

Customer: It's got to be some flavor, I mean everything's got a flavor. Man: All right, it's bloody albatross flavor, it's bloody sea bloody bird bloody flavor. Albatross!

Customer: Do you get wafers with it?

Man: Course you don't get bloody wafers with it, it's a bloody albatross innit. Albatross!



  1. I believe that this picture, like the one in that story on the girl thrown out of her prom, is yet another reference to “One Million B.C.” How well I remember Raquel Welch tearing into those pterodactyl wings.

  2. Mmm, Roc wings. Not to be confused with Charles S. Dutton.

    I love the end of that sketch:

    Customer: I’ll take two.

    Man: I’ve only got the one, y’cocksucker.

  3. OK that’s it. Licences and breathalyzer/THC tests before anyone can use Photoshop/(insert favourite app. here).

    Just like a car, you can peel around your own turf but you can’t use the “tubes” without a road test….

  4. Photoshoppery aside, that’s a pretty good deal — 10 pieces of chicken (I assume dark) for $6.99.

    Damn, I haven’t had lunch yet.

  5. Which, because I’m a huge geek, I looked up on YouTube to find out that the place was called BRONTO BURGERS AND RIBS DRIVE THRU.

    You’re welcome.

  6. Ah yes, Bronto Burger. They used up all the energy they got eating those huge rib racks because their car was feet-powered (not to mention had big stone wheels).

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