Funny Will Elder photo

Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics writes: "I came across this incredible Will Elder photo this morning, looking for some nice Elder photos in our MAD PLAYBOY OF ART files, to give the Los Angeles Times for its obituary, which I'm told will run tomorrow. Was there ever a man who embodied the vivaciousness of his work more perfectly?" Link


  1. This is like the time I watched the video of Nick Park and noticed that he has many of the same facial tics and gestures as Wallace and Gromit.

    Will Elder obviously used a mirror while learning to draw. ;)

  2. Ha, what a wacky expression! Rubber-face, reminds me of Jim Carrey that way — Mechfish, that’s intriguing, have a link to that video? I like Wallace and Gromit a lot.

  3. Elder was one of those cartoonists that had me in hysterics as a kid, and then when I’d look back at his work as an adult, I’d go right back into the same hysterics. His work was so good at entertaining you didn’t even think about how incredibly well it was drawn. Thanks Mark for so often focusing on the people and things that make comics great.

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