Video of Steve Ballmer getting egged

Ballllllmer Egg1

A protestor threw eggs at Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during a college lecture in Hungary. According to CNET, "The protester rose to his feet to challenge Microsoft for stealing billions in Hungarian taxpayer money." Link (Thanks, Gabe "TuneUp Media" Adiv!)


  1. Yeah, it’s all in the follow-through, and this guy didn’t have what it took. Next time, practice in advance, and have your friends bring more cameras.

  2. It drew attention to the guy with the Mac Book sitting next to him. How embarassing for him.

  3. What, no helicopter phallus? Clearly this is not someone in Microsoft’s target audience.

  4. They lose my money simply for the whole “sponsoring the bush administration” thing.

  5. Aw – I feel bad for him. Eggs aren’t nice; at least cream pies have the dignity of tradition going for them.

    I’ll give Steve +5 for keeping his cool, and -2 for not having a better return punchline, despite having ample time to do so.

  6. He missed, he didn’t cause Ballmer to respond, and he didn’t really change anything. Probably is a Linux user.
    [I didn’t connect those two statements – you did.]

  7. Maybe he brought a pie. Maybe he forgot to defrost it. Maybe the eggs were a bit of last minute improvising, but because he had practiced with pies, he couldn’t nail Ballmer with the eggs.

    In this day and age, an egging is grounds for a visit to the body-cavity search room at the very least. So I hardly blame the guy for having bad aim.

  8. And everyone is up in arms about Americans wasting food. J’accuse, Hungary. J’accuse.

  9. all proud of you, and sorry for all these students did not support you in the action , always is the same cowardice…you have balls to show to the world your angry to the Microsoft… abuse around the world …they always said .” we are helping people in the poverty….claim Billy ????

  10. Wait one god damn minute. If he was in America he would have been trampled and stampeded and tackled and sent to that base in Cuba. I love how polite they were. It took them a few seconds to realize that they needed to get out of his way so he could quietly escort himself out of the room. TFF.

  11. I like how everyone sat there without causing much of a ruckus. Us Americans do not have that kind of couth :(.

  12. At least Ballmer didn’t turn into a whiny crybaby like that comedian who had some religious nut pour water on his script during a show.

  13. Just stupid and according to my quick reasearch misinformed. The government made the choice to use windows for whatever, and pay licenses for the software…not exactly stealing.
    Did Steve run in shouting WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when he started the lecture I wonder.

  14. What was this all about?

    Amd incidentally, when a politician gets hit with a cream pie in the face the term is an “EN-TART-MENT”

  15. LOL, how does a guy get into a press conference of Steve Ballmer’s with “Microsoft is Corrupt” written in giant letters on his shirt? He didn’t leave with a jacket either so that’s not the answer.

  16. I like how everyone sat there without causing much of a ruckus. Us Americans do not have that kind of couth :(.
    So stepping in to stop an attack would be considered uncouth? Interesting.


    Perhaps in Romania they allow people to wear what they want. You know, like in a free country?

  18. #31: Who pee’d in your Wheaties this morning? I merely said it because I’d think that the organisers and security might have being observant enough to see the guy with the giant anti-MS slogan across the back of his shirt just might cause a disruption at their event. You can shove that knee-jerk anti-protest gray panther crap where the sun don’t shine.

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