Man pretends sex with car, busted


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  1. Beryllium says:

    Sounds like he needs a date with the Mercury Mistress.

  2. vonmises says:

    Technically speaking, was he really charged with trying to have sex with a car? Don’t you have to be charged with breaking a specific law? I doubt there’s a law on the book against simulated fornication with 4 wheeled vehicles. Public indecency sure, but since he was running down the street naked he’d be charged with that even if he didn’t dry hump the Honda. So to speak.

  3. kingsbury says:

    A Love Which Has No Name…

    Cheers, DK

  4. BarkingSpider says:

    “…but since he was running down the street naked he’d be charged with that even if he didn’t dry hump the Honda. So to speak.”

    What’s great is that the ‘so to speak’ isn’t even needed; that’s precisely what happened.

    So what do we have now?

    Jump the couch.
    Jump the shark.
    Hump the Honda.

  5. JJR1971 says:

    Don’t know about Scottish law, but in the U.S. I have no trouble seeing someone like that being charged with Disorderly Conduct.

    A Disorderly Conduct offense casts a fairly wide net and is a powerful instrument available to police, for good or ill.

  6. Mikey Likes BoingBoing says:

    Lucky for this guy he didn’t do this in Philly (cue up vid of goon cops)

  7. mooosh says:

    oh the shame – my home town! thankfully i moved away a long time ago before the locals moved on to cars from sheep

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to note that this happened in Kilwinning, a west of Scotland town that has long been the subject of jokes about the antics of its inhabitants. The Diary column of the Glasgow Herald (
    ran a large number of these, which will now be making the rounds again.

  9. ChuckEye says:

    What, you guys have never seen

  10. UnderRat says:

    Damn, that car will be in therapy forever.

  11. Kieran O'Neill says:

    “sexual breach of the peace”, probably – like the guy with the bike.

    Also, if he’s found guilty, he goes on the sexual offenders register. This means he has to tell the police where he’s living and whenever he “stays away from home” for the next 5 years. details of rights of people on the register.

    Even if he just gets a slap on the wrist fine, the register bit can be pretty nasty.

  12. jettloe says:

    Geordie Gunter’s ‘Love Time’:

  13. Tits McGee says:

    Sex with bike.
    Sex with fence.
    Sex with pavement.

    Also, ohmygod License Farm. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

  14. sparkzilla says:

    Having met some women from Kilwinning, I have to say he was making an informed choice.

  15. Tenn says:

    Yeah, Wynneth, it was his private act. Lots of places have weird laws that make the very act of sexual deviation illegal despite lack of public display. I can’t remember if homosexual relations are still on-the-books illegal in Texas, though I think they are.

  16. Cochituate says:

    Well, when I link to my Scottish Harvey/Harvie ancestors,who left Dalry and Kilwinning in 1758, I’ll have to mention this lovely fellow. Fills me heart with pride of place, doesn’t it?

  17. wynneth says:

    @11 and @15… Sex with bike… Am I reading this story right, that he was in the privacy of his own room at this Hostel when they used the master key to walk in on him? If that’s the case, how was he charged with anything, is it illegal to have sex with inanimate objects there? Isn’t there a law saying they’ve done something if they walked in on him in his room?

  18. License Farm says:

    At least it’s only a dude screwing his car and not, say, a dragon (page itself SFW [with hysterical comments], links therein NSFW).

  19. jamesgyre says:


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  21. Tigerbomb says:

    It gives me no pleasure to note this happened in Scotland, not England.

    Although statistically, I think the English are more prone to this kind of thing. It’s in the genes.

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