Fishstick, a brand new dance craze sweeping the nation.

An instructional video by a fellow named Ian that shows you all you'll need to know for doing the "Fishstick", as mentioned in the "You Look Nice Today" podcast episode "Sacks-Minnelli Disease," which has in turn spawned a movement. Whoah, look, some other dude made a fishstick video, and he too is Canuckistani. (thanks, Jamie Scanlon!)


  1. I think that guy really IS doing kegels, his chair is rocking slightly! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!

  2. I do not get the You Look Nice Today thing. Is the appeal that it is not interesting? Nothing about this makes any sense to me.

  3. I don’t think it is supposed to make any sense. But I agree he does look to be doing kegels.

  4. For all those needing to know, yes, the Kegels are real. If they’re not, you’re doing it wrong.

  5. rather than fishstick this should be called
    head-on-a-stick (from that horrible wolfcreek movie)

  6. I fear that this video is gone forever. Someone please post a link. This should be filed carefully in the library of congress to prevent future loss.

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