Multi-window online movie: Boulevard, by Peter Horvath

I have been enjoying the video work of artist Peter Horvath. Here's a short film he made, called Boulevard (adult themes and language).
Located in Los Angeles, we follow a striking woman, the passenger of a convertible car, driven by an unidentified driver through the city, passing its generic streets, billboards and motels, with an unknown destination. There is a voice-over, that exposes her feelings of obsession. Running parallel to the piece is a dialogue between a man and woman in intimate, but casual conversation about love. The video sequences are frequently suspended, disjunctive and blurred, distorting our visual and emotional sense of place.

At once lyrical and intoxicatingly beautiful, we pass through discrete emotive atmospheres experiencing ambiguity, desire and longing. - Celina Jeffery



  1. That was really well done, thanks Mark. It of course reminds me of the recent feature by Canadian auteur Bruce McDonald(Highway 61, Hard Core Logo)called “The Tracey Fragments”. TTF stars Ellen Page(Juno, Hard Candy) as an unhappy teen searching for her lost brother and is completely shown in multiple split screen for the full length of the film. Trailers and other info are at the official website

    One of the coolest things about TTF is that all of the footage was released on Bittorrent under a CC license so that people could remake the film into music videos, trailers or even re-do the whole film.

    The film has only been to some festivals and has just finished a small release in New York but the DVD is due very soon. Of course rips can also be found quite easily on the net if you are okay with that sort of thing.

  2. first knee jerk, old man in stained under shirt and polyester pants, gym socks and berkinstocks, reaction?
    “Don’t resize my browser!”

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