Smoosh and Mark Kozelek on Yo Gabba Gabba!

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My son and I love watching Yo Gabba Gabba! on teevee. Our favorite episode is Sleep because it features two particularly delightful songs. The first is a lovely tune called Bedtime Lullaby by Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon. The animation is by Lippy. In the same episode is a fun performance of "Pajama Party" by teenage indie pop duo Smoosh. Viacom seems to have insisted YouTube yank the Pajama Party video, but Bedtime Lullaby is still available. Link to Bedtime Lullaby, Link to hear Pajama Party on IMEEM


  1. I luuuv Yo Gabba Gabba! They’re all crammed in my Tivo indefinitely. The songs and tunes are so infectious. My favorite song is “I Like Bugs” from “Scary”. And did you know Mark Mothersbaugh is the cartoonist? Pluuus Leslie Hall (BoingBoingTV/internet star) is on sometimes. Let’s not forget the awesome 8-bit music interludes and Biz Markie’s beatbox of the day. And and and!

  2. I saw Smoosh open for The Dresden Dolls on Wednesday night in L.A. Had no idea who they were. When they came on I thought, “14 & 16-year-old girls? Someone was owed a favor to get them on this gig.” Not so! They rocked! I am a newly converted fan.

  3. @4: Right. I’m looking forward to the Sesame Street band covering American Music Club.

  4. That’s our favorite episode, too! My daughter and I watch Bedtime Lullabye on YouTube all the time. Pick It Up is another fave video of ours.

    Yo Gabba Gabba rocks the house.

  5. Other than the program & its YouTube equivalent, does anyone know where this song can be found? I’m a HUEG Kozelek fan and would love to find a copy. Unfortunately, after scouring the interwebs, the closest I can find is an album of Bedtime Lullabies that his vanity label (Badman Recordings) put out around 5 years ago. Kozelek did not appear on it.

  6. I’ve heard Smoosh at a few shows in Seattle (they live here) and they rock! They opened for Tokyo Police Club a few nights ago and were the best part of the ticket.

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