Will Elder interview from Comics Journal

Dirk Deppey says: As promised, Gary Groth's comprehensive 2003 interview with late Mad Magazine pioneer Will Elder is now online at the Comics Journal website, complete and chock full of illustrations (many of them rarely seen before the interview was published). Link

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  1. Interesting steatopygia on the women. Do comics reveal what our genes really want instead of the skinny females foisted upon us in the media? Just idle musings.

  2. I’m all for genes coding for a desire of comics style women. I couldn’t be one of those skinny chicks if I ran myself through a wood chipper.

  3. I think something happened to our social psyche in the 1900s. Suddenly, being burned to a crisp by the sun is fashionable, and eating isn’t.

    I’m just glad I was born without a fashion-sense.

  4. I hope genes don’t code for women like that, because they look like they’d break in half at the waist.

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