Rotting futuristic Taiwanese housing project

Craig Ferguson snuck into Taiwan's abandoned hyper-futuristic San-Zhr Pod Village, a rotting, curvilinear housing complex that has been cursed since its inception, killing and injuring some of its construction crew. Link (Thanks, Nicholas!)


  1. The gallery works better if you navigate backward. I would love to rehab those for my upcoming monastery! But they’re wood frame construction which seems horribly wrong for cantilevered housing, especially in a hot, humid, buggy climate. And what’s up with the neoclassical balustrades at the top of the central towers?

  2. Very eerie looking.
    Do I see fabric in those drawers, or is that the liner buckling with age and exposure?
    -because there’s abandoning and then there’s ABANDONING.

    I’d be very tempted to explore.
    It’s like a piece of the not too distant future as seen from the not too distant past, arriving in bad shape yesterday.

    This is the kind of stuff I love Boing Boing for.
    Thanks folks.

  3. There’s something beautiful yet tragic about the bright colors contrasted with the decay. Looks like for all the cited futurism, there’s a lot of wood and not enough (apparent) metal.

  4. There’s something beautiful yet tragic about the bright colors contrasted with the decay.

    Funny, that’s what I think when I put on eye make-up.

  5. Oh man, for sites like that to photograph!

    Gorgeous pictures, looks like an interesting place.

  6. @2, Thanks for pointing that out. For a moment there I was beginning to think that I kept seeing different housing projects that failed–but for some reason they all used the same design.

    I couldn’t figure out why this design was such a failure in the tourist industry. It makes sense–they’re the same place!

  7. I’ve been in places rife with unsettled justice. There is something to it. How does one lay spirits?

  8. I remember these from the post last year too. I really like the colours. Now that I see them I have to wonder why the hell anyone would photograph them in black & white.

  9. Has anyone come across photos of this place from when it was new? Either peoples own photos or advertising material. Some publicity brochures must exist somewhere.

  10. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen these before in some horrible low budget ninja/softcore porn movie called “Golden Ninja” or something like that. These are the backdrop to the final, disturbing fight scene.

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