Desk/cocktail bar from 1947

This executive party desk from the Jan, 1947 ish of Popular Science has all the standard desk stuff on one side, and complete cocktail bar on the other:

THE makers of this postwar “dream desk” imply that it began as a designers’ joke, but its reception at a Chicago exhibit has brought it into actual, though limited, production. All set for work or play, as the drawings indicate, it is made by the Gunn Furniture Co., of Grand Rapids. The price: “Well into four figures.”


  1. Yes!

    We can all pretend we’re back in the days of “Mad Men” – swilling scotch in the morning and choking on martini olives by lunch.

    Now THAT’S a job.


  2. I see that there is an “electric clock” on the bar side. I guess so you’ll know when its time to quit imbibing and go to the other side of the desk and get back to work (or take a nap).

    It looks like it belongs on the the old “Superman” tv show, or something of that era.

  3. Kinda like the mullet of office furniture…
    Business in the front. party in the back.

  4. The inclusion of an “electric razor with door mirror” on the business side was no doubt after a number of tests indicated the inadvisability of including a single-edge razor.

  5. i wonder how many of these were made? i’ve never seen a photo of one posted anywhere. you’d think in the days of the internets somebody would post a photo if they had one.

  6. Looks like the ‘mullet’ of desks…

    “Business in the front, party in the back.” (Well, reversed for this particular piece of furniture.)

  7. Yes robbo! we could wear really natty suits,smoke like fek and be casually sexist (and whats wrong with being sexy?).Simpler happy times!

  8. Marilyn @5 – You’re rigt! How could they include the executive cigarette lighter and forget the executive ashtray?

  9. I wonder how this would go over in my grad-student cubicle farm? Too bad my grad-student budget doesn’t cover a 4 figure desk.

  10. Jake0748 @9 –
    See, I always just balance the ashtray on my secretary’s head. I used to just use her as a footrest, but then I realized that in today’s competitive job market, the peons should be required to multi-task.

  11. @#2, My thoughts exactly. “Mad Men” was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the desk.

  12. Precious and priceless. I want one now. I want to be an Mad Man “ad man”..LOL!

  13. To the current #16, sorry I wasn’t referring to you… there was a spam post in that position which I guess was removed.

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