Games for Change festival in NYC June 2-4 with Henry Jenkins, James Gee, and Sandra Day O'Connor

Eleanor sez, "Games for Change, the non-profit that promotes games which further social awareness and/or activism, will host their fifth festival on June 2-4. Keynote speakers are Henry Jenkins (of MIT) and James Gee (of Arizona State University) and the closing keynote is the Honorable Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who is working with Dr. Gee on a project about our court system." Link (Thanks, Eleanor!)


  1. Henry Jenkin’s book Convergence Culture was a terrific read, so I look forward to a chance at hearing him speak. First thing I did was make sure you were in the index, Cory.

  2. Is Sandra Day O’Connor developing a simulation of how to use the Supreme Court to steal the U.S. presidency?

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