New book about Wacky Packages


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  1. obdan says:



    I once had a roommate who had a whole shoebox of these, or something very similar, and would leaf through all of them every few weeks and show me the funnier ones.

    Why must the internet provide an ever greater number of cool things I want, while my wages remain more or less tied to the inflation rate? WHY???

  3. Mazoola says:

    So is this a six-year-old announcement, are the folks at Topp’s math-challenged, or did some publicist’s supernumerary convince Abrams that a “35th anniversary” collection would be easier to sell than a “41st anniversary” one?

    Cause, you know, it’s gotta end with a “5″ or a “0″ — and you wouldn’t want to wait *another* four years without seeing some ROI.

    (However, I *did* appreciate the momentary lightness of spirit I experienced when, for one brief second, I thought, “35 years ago?! I must not be as old as I think I am!”

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    I just barely remember the 1967 release. A few neighborhood kids showed them around. They weren’t stickers per se. More like cardboard cutouts with lick-and-stick adhesive on back.

    I was the perfect age for the 1973 release. They were a really big thing in my elementary school and at the local Boys’ Club. I stuck up my collection on my bedroom door. My little brother tore them all down during a brat-attack.

    I had a 3 ring binder with a few of the stickers on them into the 1980s. I must have thrown it away somewhere along the line.

    There was also a competing / knockoff product of magazine cover spoofs.

  5. mortis says:

    absolutely loved these things, and like Stefan, i was right around the right age for the re-release in ’73. I had these things EVERYWHERE…but my mom finally relegated all Wacky Packaging to my Evil Knievel toy box. damn you, nostalgia…off to the amazon wish-list. ;)

  6. OM says:

    …The original run from 1967 to 1968 or so were actually Wacky Ads, where the product included a billboard ad, and was a sticker that could be peeled off from the ad.

    …I’ll probably pick up this book, although to be honest I think it would sell better if they included a stick of gum with it. :-P

  7. offal says:

    I’ve still got a bunch of these in their perforated rectangular perfection. Probably 50-60 in a ziploc bag that also holds all my batman bubblegum cards from the 60′s.

    When I looked at them a year or two ago they still shone with subversive quality. I may need to peruse this book within a bookstore to determine how much of the series I have.

  8. mack says:

    Stumbled over my brother’s old collection at Xmastime and he let us have it.

    We now have our bathroom wall paved with more than 100 original framed-under-glass Wacky Packs. Good reading!

  9. Tits McGee says:

    I was born in 1974, and vividly remember my older brother collecting these.

    The remnants of a “Head and Boulders” sticker are still stuck to the bathroom door at our mother’s house.

  10. candyman76 says:

    Well, for all you wacky pack lovers, go and get an uncut sheet over at I picked up a set a long time ago but when I checked a little while ago, you could still get them. I do not work for; I just buy way, way too much stuff from them.

  11. Pipenta says:

    It doesn’t have to have a stick of gum, but it needs to be cornstarch slick and have that wonderful gum smell.

  12. JIMWICh says:

    My younger brother and I had all the 1973-1974 Wacky Packs, which we’d buy at the concession when we were playing Little League baseball! We loved them!

  13. nothingistrue says:

    (disclaimer: self-link)

    I made a set of Wacky Packages OS X icons several years ago, feel free to download them if you like:

  14. vonnegutlives says:

    I saw author Michael Chabon speak last month and talked a long while about Whacky Packages…it’s funny to see a coffee table book about them now.

  15. artbot says:

    I was 10 when the ’73 set came out and we *lived* for these cards. To this day, it’s impossible for me to pull aluminum foil out of the box without thinking to my self, “Wrinkled Wrap Aluminum Fool”.

  16. Sunfell says:

    A blast from the past! I have a small collection of the ’73 stickers. I should dig them out and frame them.

  17. Halloween Jack says:

    *sigh* The black hole for so much of my paper route money… good freakin’ times, y’all.

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