Captain Mouse: steampunk short film

Steampunk Maker Jake von Slatt sez, "Here's a delightful short from some SF Steampunks I met at Maker Faire. I'm not sure if they are LARPers, but from the appearance of a McIntosh MC240 tube amp and a _serious_ electronics workbench in one scene, I know that these are the sort of kids that Marcus Yallow would've hung out with! " Link (Thanks, Jake!)


  1. I only heard about the term “steampunk” while attending a futurists lecture last night at the bookworm. As a Beijing resident I am totally out of the coolness-loop, but I’m just curious, is steampunk the new goth?

  2. @4, google away. Not to be rude but the question has come up so many times here that few care to answer much any more. There is lots out there and the aesthetic is still so young you yourself could take hand in shaping it – if you wish.

  3. What a great video! The first Steampunk girl shows real acting talent – as does the cat! The music isn’t bad but how about a fade in and out here and there?

  4. I was waiting for her to start sneezing after she put the goggles on her eyes. But then I realized that not everybody is allergic to cats :(

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