Ghost in a bottle

For $20, John Deese of Decatur County, Georgia, will sell you a bottle with a ghost in it. It's not entirely clear if he is serious about what he's selling or not. He says that he doesn't collect the spirits personally but relies on professional, er, ghostbusters. From WKMG:
Bottleghosssssst“Some people will open the bottle and say they don’t get results and it’s just a fun conversation piece. Others say, ‘There’s strange things happening in my house. Where're my car keys? Where's the remote to the TV?” Deese said. “The ghost in the bottle is more toward Casper the Friendly Ghost than the Exorcist. We're kind of in the middle.”
Link to WKMG story, Link to A Ghost In A Bottle (via Cabinet of Wonders)


  1. If you like that, I have a sack of invisible fairies I’ll sell you for fifty bucks.

  2. Although it does remind me of Tim Powers’ wonderful trilogy Last Call, Expiration Date, and Earthquake Weather with its ghosts and smokes and telophone calls from the afterlife. I’m looking forward to savoring A Soul in a Bottle soon.

  3. @6:
    I think you can find those in the grass around truck stops. Spooky stuff, at least for the guys who mow the grass out there.

  4. Hey, I still got one of those 1989 Burger King & Coca-Cola canned ghosts!

    It said “Do not open”, so I managed to resist temptation and haven’t opened it yet. The can is full of compressed air, it seems.

    Some people said it contained some sort of fluorescent gas that glowed in the dark when the can was opened. I think they were just pulling my leg to tempt me further.

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