Los Simpson: live action Marge and Homer

Los Simpson is an incredibly creepy live action Simpsons spoof in Spanish. Link


  1. I remember this sketch. In fact, i used to see every episode of this series. It was based in absurd humour sketches, and they had some pretty good film parodies, including Cape fear, Matrix, Lord of the rings, and many more.

    They’re now separated as a duo, and, anyway, i stopped viewing their tv program since they changed it to fridays – there’s no friday i won’t be going out with my friends.

  2. oooh boy. imma be having nightmares tonight :o( dunno what to be more scared by though; homer’s head or marge’s muscles :o\

  3. Oh – oh my. All my bad dreams tonight are belong to you, creepy real life Simpsons.

  4. whoa! Chocolatley! just mentioning the smurf smut exists is enough! All true horndogs and pervs can find it on their own.

  5. I haven’t even clicked through or read anything apart from seeing the picture there…

    and I can see instantly that marge is totally a man

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