Sharon Stone suggests earthquake in China caused by "karma"

Sharon Stone pulled a Pat Robertson / Jerry Falwell by suggesting that the earthquake in China was the result of "karma."
"And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma -- when you're not nice -- that the bad things happen to you?"
Now China is boycotting all things Sharon Stone.
Theaters are dropping her movies, department stores are taking down her image, and cosmetics brand Christian Dior has been scrambling to distance itself from the actress, who since 2005 has been the face of one of its skin products.
It makes me wonder what bad thing Phil Bronstein (formerly Mr. Sharon Stone) did to get his big toe nearly bitten off by a Komodo dragon in 2001? Link


  1. The offensive nature of her remarks aside, I’d always been under the impression that Karma applied to individuals, though I’m no expert. But it seems a stretch to imply the earth punished millions of Chinese citizens because of the actions of their government, most often actions taken against those same citizens.

    With that loose understanding of karma, she’s probably a shoe-in for a guest role on My Name is Earl!

  2. Ole Phil’s lucky he just got nicked. Wonder if his socks were white?

    Anyway: Sharon, I myself don’t turn to actors for portentous statements or incisive political analysis. From her words and manner, I allow she may just be inarticulate without a script. Not surprising a hysterical boycott in China has emerged, they just did that to French products on a total rumour.

    What I think is remarkable is the Dalai Lama still insists on compassionate aid to the Chinese emergency – while the government of China would probably take advantage of an earthquake in Tibet to eliminate more Tibetans.

  3. Good grief. Someone should ask her about 9/11 and Katrina and see if they can trick her into tanking her career completely.

  4. She sounds more like she was just posing a question she was thinking about for people to ponder on their own; “Is that Karma?”, rather than saying the more definitive, “The earthquake was caused by Karma”. I see a difference.

    This is way overblown and doesn’t even compare to the many stupid things that Pat Robertson / Jerry Falwell have said with a lot less ambiguity.

  5. The real karmic retribution would have been if nobody had listened or cared. She’s turned 50, which is ancient in Hollywood years…

  6. From the woman that said:

    “Young people talk to me about what to do if they’re being pressed for sex? I tell them (what I believe): oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex. If you’re in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I’m not embarrassed to tell them.”

    I’m not surprised that she that about the earthquake in China. That lady is crrrrraaazzzy.

  7. I have a hypothesis.

    Everyone inserts foot into mouth.

    This is unavoidable.

    She should apologise, but far more effective would be working out how much of her life’s income came from the Chinese economy and donating that back to disaster relief.

    And then get on with her career – if possible – and her life.

  8. Sharon and Pastor Hagee should get together and go on a metaphysical bullshit rationalization tour.

  9. Regardless of what I think about china and Tibet and the earthquake ….

    If you’re going to make a political stand on principal, don’t recant your convictions at the slightest hint that maybe your movie won’t sell. lame. stand by your beliefs or why bother having any. I guess she cares more about her residuals than she does about china’s occupation of Tibet.

    Nice priorities Sharon.

  10. Oh c’mon! She was thinking out loud (admittedly a dangerous proposition for many Hollywood actors!) and poses the question to herself. She doesn’t not say it was karma. In fact she goes on to say that it’s more important to be compassionate, no matter what the cause. This is a beat up, and I suspect, a bit of Tall Poppy syndrome. Give the woman a break!

  11. Theaters are dropping her movies, department stores are taking down her image, and cosmetics brand Christian Dior has been scrambling to distance itself from the actress, who since 2005 has been the face of one of its skin products.

    Say something stupid, and bad things happen to your career. Is that karma?

  12. Does she seem drunk? She shows a few of the signs as she speaks, including a lack of annunciation, rare for a working actor. It’s such an astonishingly insensitive thing to say that I can only imagine alcohol or some other mind-altering substance playing a part.

  13. I think Sharon is getting a lesson in the nature of karma as we speak. A “boot-to-the-head” style lesson.

  14. Beyond the whole vindictive and crazy thing, I’m pretty sure that’s not how karma int the religious sense works.
    I can’t speak with any authority on the topic, since most of my knowledge of karma is within Jain cosmology rather than the more common Hindu or Buddhist sort. Within my limited understanding, karma affects condition of rebirth rather than events within the present lifetime.
    I believe Boing Boing has some resident Buddhists among its more frequent commenters (Tenn & Antinuous I believe) – y’ins care to comment on this?

  15. I don’t like to excuse misbehavior on medical grounds, but didn’t Sharon Stone have a major brain tumor that left her with lasting effects? I recall reading an interview that left the impression that she’s now a few degrees askew of the old pre-brain-surgery Sharon. I’d like to cut her some slack for maybe being a little too free with off the cuff speech these days and leave it at that.

  16. if a chasm had opened up and swallowed the communist party headquarters and Mao’s mausoleum off Tienanmen square, while leaving the rest of the country untouched, I’d buy into the ‘bad karma’ argument.

    as it is, the people affected by the earthquake in Sichuan province are the ones who couldn’t afford decent housing and were never in a position to oppress the Tibetans. … it’s just shitty luck that they didn’t deserve.

  17. So Sharon Stone said something horrible about China and everyone’s talking about it. I thought it was just talk radio that had time to obsess about this, but no, it’s BoingBoing material.

    I think the only reason it made BoingBoing is a chance to dig at Pat Robertson, because the only way an editor here could possibly regard an aging actress’s ramblings as at all relevant, is if it can be somehow linked to a powerful televangelist’s ramblings, or alternately, to copyright law or a steampunk mouse pad.

    It seems that our media culture, even including this website, seems to place great importance on searching for small, inconsequential mistakes people make, and blowing them way out of proportion. It started with Don Imus, and has been snowballing ever since.

    As somebody who still makes mistakes in my daily life, both spoken and otherwise, this worries me. I’ve said stupider stuff than this before, and I probably will again, and I’ve seen a shift in the consequences of doing so, even in my daily life, as lower and lower people are held to higher and higher standards of behavior.

  18. @17 she’s obviously at some event and she’s probably had one, maybe two glasses of champagne. But she’s not drunk. Given that, I don’t think we should be too down on her for saying something slightly stupid. As for banning her movies and having a sponsor distancing themselves from her, that’s an over reaction and a bit less tolerant than she has been. She raises an important point of human rights abuses in China, the rest is the alcohol impeding her thought processes.

  19. Everything (down to the minutest detail) happens according to karma.

    To point out someone else’s “bad” karma makes as much sense as to point out someone else’s “bad” skin color. As in “Me good – you bad.”

    Incidentally, do we even care what Ms. Stone sez?

  20. Man, what’s incorrect about that is, if you “can’t get out of sex,” it’s because you don’t have enough martial arts training. If you “can’t get out of sex” you’re in the presence of a rapist. Offer a blowjob then bite his penis off, but she didn’t say that.

    This is boneheaded even for Stone. Sure she “asked” if this is karma. And I’m “asking” if she’s a complete idiot.

  21. lousy, overgenerous harlot:

    “February 26, 2007

    Sharon Stone Is a Giving Drunk

    Sharon Stone got all boozed up last night at Elton John’s Oscar Party and took the stage to help sell off prizes and raise cash for John’s AIDS Foundation.

    When she got on stage she said, “I’ve been sitting at my table with P. Diddy and Jon Bon Jovi, and I’m a little messed up.”

    Being drunk must have put her in a giving mood because the actress shelled out $250,000 for tickets to John’s upcoming 60th birthday party. Stone helped the singer raise $4.2 million for charity at the part”

  22. “The Manga of Yankee Brain Doctors” or somesuch journal:
    “Cerebral aneurysms – every year, an estimated 30,000 people in the United States experience a ruptured cerebral aneurysm, and up to 6 percent of the population may have an unruptured aneurysm. Actress Sharon Stone survived a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2001.”

  23. Bronstein’s a lucky man – Komodo saliva is super-deadly, you don’t want it in a wound…it apparently is loaded with nasty bacteria, they are not poisonous in the usual sense of the word.
    sepsis has carried away many a person bit by the Komodo, and they can run down children and smaller people if they want to.
    Which was the Great Karma responsible for, I wonder? The bite or the surviving of it?

  24. gods! it makes you want to kill her!

    Sharon Stone’s Charity Work
    Sharon Stone
    Charity biography

    Spokesperson for the American Foundation for AIDS Research since 1995

    Cowrote “Come Together Now” after the tsunami disaster; made the song available to download after Hurricane Katrina. The proceeds went to Habitat For Humanity and Angels’ Place

    Donated $10,000 at the World Economic Forum to help with malaria-related health efforts, and raised $1 million from the rest of the crowd within minutes of her donation

    Stone has presided over auctions benefitting Lupus LA, and has donated over 70 handbags to one such auction and helped raise a quarter of a million dollars at another.

    Sharon convinced the CEO of Burlington Coat Factory to donate winter coats to disadvantaged children who otherwise would have had to leave school due to lack of suitably warm clothing. She also worked with Stride Rite to provide the same families with winter shoes.

    Stone received an award for her work on behalf of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (Amfar).

    Sharon helped design and signed a pair of shoes for the Stuart Weitzman charity shoe auction benefiting ovarian cancer awareness and research.

  25. From the woman that said:

    “Young people talk to me about what to do if they’re being pressed for sex? I tell them (what I believe): oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex. If you’re in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I’m not embarrassed to tell them.”

    Wow, wrong on so many levels, not least of which is rewarding bad behavior.

  26. what a complete and utter moron.

    wealthy and totally cut-off from reality in the Hollywood hills.

  27. “wealthy and totally cut-off from reality in the Hollywood hills”

    Except for all the altruism and stuff (see above)

  28. Dear Scottfree (loved your movie!)

    Her gaffes and good works are a minor sideshow to the suffering of lots of real people. I don’t excuse her, I don’t mock her. I don’t know her.

    It’s good people look at Tibet and China and help each in their oppression and disaster.

  29. here’s your damned karma:

    Oh yeah, all right
    Are you going to be in my dreams

    And in the end
    The love you take
    Is equal to the love you make.

  30. I’m not happy…

    blah blah blah…

    Everyone should be nice to each other…

    blah blah blah…

    me me me…

    blah blah blah…

    Dalai Lama…

    blah blah…

    good friend of mine…

    blah blah blah…


    blah blah blah…

    made me cry…

    blah blah blah…

    me me me!

    The Chinese government just shouldn’t give a shit about this. Calling her a “public enemy of all mankind” is ridiculous hyperbole. She’s just an idiot.

    I think China and the Church of Scientology must have the same PR person.

    The Chinese government is despicable, but Sharon Stone’s moronic comments make them look good by comparison.

  31. Karma is the field in which all action occurs and it is in turn determined by prior action.
    All action is conditioned by prior action
    Draw your own conclusions
    Then act upon them
    And they will then act upon you
    Its so fast you can’t see it

  32. Sharon Stone said something stupid? I think it will be bigger news when she says something worth listening to, but this is likely as close as we will ever get.

  33. As Takuan has pointed out, Sharon Stone does more charity work than the rest of Hollywood combined. She is particularly notorious as a charity auctioneer who humiliates the rich people in the audience until they cough up huge sums of money. Anyone that doesn’t already know that Ms. Stone is crazy is 1) not a Kathy Griffin fan and 2) not gay. As if those were separable. And now for the technical part of my lecture:

    Samskara are the thought/emotion patterns in our sub/unconscious minds which will ultimately determine what decisions we make in our lives. Samskara can be acquired by one’s own actions or imposed by society via culturally held beliefs and attitudes. Samskara is purely potential.

    Karma (literally, ‘action’) is the consequence of samskara. For a crude example, if you believe that the world is a hostile place (samskara), you will act in a hostile manner and create hostility around you (karma).

    You might argue that living in a society where shoddy, get-rich-quick building techniques are the norm, leading to more buildings collapsing in an earthquake, is an example of karma. Political repression leading to earthquakes would be a bit of a stretch.

    Understanding one’s own samskara and karma is difficult enough. Trying to figure it out for other people, let alone whole nations can only lead to embarrassment.

  34. She’s delightful, beautiful and charitable. Anyone who would fault Sharon Stone for not being a genius isn’t too bright themselves. True folks, she may have never spent time in the lab with Stephen Hawking, but she nailed her performance as an over sexed serial killer.

    And all the internet armchair critics say SHE’S SOOOO DUMB and feel so damn pleased with themselves. Now that’s lame. But just to save my Karma, I will note that I love you all anyway.

    And to compare her to trash like Falwell (God rest his soul) is completely uncalled for. She presented a question and then immediately rebuked herself. Falwell never questioned his feelings. That’s why he’s an idiot.

    Leave Sharon Stone Alone Right NOW!!

  35. “She’s delightful, beautiful, and charitable” and…a little bit off plumb. It’s great that she’s a very generous and giving person, but, seriously, she’s also just a teensy weensy bit of a nutjob.

  36. Takuan,

    what movie? I was very pleased to see my namesake resume his role in the JLA in the last issue of Booster Gold.

    Anyway, yea, its all a bit silly. There doesn’t seem to be the malicious intent the bad stuff happens cuz gay people tend to show.

    This: by pure coincidence is on top of my reading pile. The date of it should give some clue as to how big the pile is.

  37. Ok, I don’t like her anymore. I’ll resist the
    urge to say things about her than might get
    me voweled.

    The earthquake didn’t happen to the Chinese
    government. It happened to the Chinese people.

    What was she thinking? And what credibility
    does a third rate actress have on matters
    or Karma, anyway? Yes, that is a personal
    attack on her, based on my immediate visceral
    response to her mean an ignorant remarks.

    She’d better apologize, and mean it.

  38. Watch the birdie, no over here, don’t look at those people being beaten behind the curtain…

  39. bad news Sharon, no member of the chinese government died, only poor people.
    The Chinese are boycotting Sharon stone? they sure know a thing or two about boycotts!!

  40. Sharon Stone is a really good actress. (Anyone remember “Casino?”) After “Basic Instinct,” I heard she even tried to go around the major studios to get more control over her career. (Her I.Q. was once tested at 154.) So she’s not your typical empty-headed celebrity.

    In the video clip she starts by showing support for Tibet and the Dalai Lama. And she’s just trying to tell the story about how the Tibetan fund offered their support to China, saying that was a good thing and that she wished that had been her own first reaction. (Listen to the tone of her voice when she says “Is that karma?!” Like she’s not sure, like it’s a crazy hypothetical.)

    The Chinese government is obviously punishing her for her support of Tibet, and trumping up this “karma” controversy to do it. But everyone’s skipping that context. I’m surprised there’s not more sympathy for Stone for getting tarred with a bogus controversy by a repressive foreign power.

  41. As others have said, way to talk her words out of context — just listen to the entire statement and you can see that she only made a hypothetical question to reinforce her later statement.

    Also, Boing Boing should stick to what it’s good at and leave lame hollywood celeb gossip to Gawker and other rags.

  42. Well, if the Chinese Earthquake is karmic reaction, I guess Hurricane Katrina was pretty light for what the USA have done lately.

  43. I’m not watching this and I don’t really care, but this reminds me of something I read the other day.
    “Mandate of Heaven … was a traditional Chinese sovereignty concept of legitimacy…. Heaven would bless the authority of a just ruler, but Heaven would be displeased with an unwise ruler and give the Mandate to someone else…. Severe floods or famines were considered evidence of a divine repeal of the Mandate.”

  44. “Is that Karma?” really sounds like a rhetorical
    question. Why would it occur to anyone that the
    Chinese people are being punished for the actions
    of their government?

    There is a way out of this for her. She can
    make a clarification and/or an apology.

  45. Damn it. somehow the boing boing comment form stripped my “sarcasm level=11” tag that in HTML style…

  46. certainly it has already been said, but without the patience to read through the comments, I will presumably repeat that this notion of “karma” is not a legitimate one at all. the eastern concept of karma is not, as Sharon Stone has so generalized, that good things happen to good people and vice versa. Karma is rather simply Cause and Effect.

    Ironically then, she was right, in some ways, if you consider global warming, increased development, and overpopulation, all of which compound the risks associated with natural disasters.

  47. I really think that Sharon Stone is being wrongly stoned by the political correct self-righteous. I think that it’s human nature to wonder why a bad disaster might befall yourself or others or your country, and in the end might serve as a moment of introspection. Which would be a good a thing.

    I can’t but help but wonder of another possible example of “karma.” Last year the Chinese had a horrible mine disaster where hundreds were killed. Is this an example of “bad karma” and am I horrible for saying so?

    Maybe. Or maybe it is the result of bad karma of high level Chinese officials not taking mine safety seriously due to corruption or trying to save money. Hundreds of lives would have been saved had the Chinese government established mine safety practices that are widespread in other developed countries.
    While it is hard to see a connection between the disparate Chinese earthquake and Tibet, maybe an introspection into the way the Chinese treat there own people would lead to better lives for them.
    Or is the cry of political incorrectness and moral compromise get in the way of such a thing?

  48. “She’s delightful, beautiful and charitable. Anyone who would fault Sharon Stone for not being a genius isn’t too bright themselves.”

    She’s a professional actress in Hollywood; as such, she’s attractive and can act. Which does not imply her having wisdom, higher enlightenment or even common sense.

    It’s quite possible for a person to be gifted in one capacity (such as acting, looks or charisma) and deficient in others. And anybody who says that thousands of men, women and children who perished in a natural disaster did so because of a woolly religious principle is quite clearly missing something.

    It is a well-documented human bias (confirmed in psychological research) that attributes other positive qualities (such as intelligence, kindness and wisdom) to attractive or charismatic people. Which is probably why so many people regard celebrities to be founts of enlightenment, and pay attention to whatever spiritualist or dietary fads, conspiracy theories or pseudoscientific explanations they’re touting, whilst ignoring less glamorous experts.

  49. Mock if you will (and I’m sure you do), but certainly a great number of people -probably not at famous as Sharon- on that side of world also thought the same.

  50. So … remember, kids:

    Asking questions is BAD, especially if the Chinese don’t like it.

    Get with the approved program, and check first if your question or opinion is approved or not. If you don’t, the consequences could be serious! (oh noes!)

    (Questions about the karmic consequences of punitive acts as a result of intolerance for a divergence of opinions and views have not as yet been approved. Please use extreme caution).

  51. No matter how stupid she get’s I won’t be turning down a blowjob from Sharon Stone.

  52. Wow, a dumb as hell actress. Surprise!

    If Sharon Stone really believed in karma she would not have done catwoman.

  53. Maybe Americans should start protesting every time a celebrity insults their country?

  54. These bad things that have happened in China are affecting our species, so possibly these things are the result of our collective karma. If we could successfully govern ourselves as a species, than there would not be such large gaps in meeting basic needs for the masses, such as safe housing for earthquake prone regions. This is OUR karma, and will take all of us to change it. Pointing fingers does not help. At least Ms.Stone is asking questions.

  55. It seems to me that what she says is that she thought that it was karma, and then changed her mind and no longer thinks so. She seems to be saying that one can support Tibet and Chinese earthquake victims.

    Admittedly, even mentioning karma like that is probably trying to score a political point, which is uncool, but I don’t think this is as bad as some are making it out to be.

  56. There is nothing like Pat Robertson’s or Jerry Falwell’s remarks in what Sharon Stone said. She is simply applying the concept of general karma. Yes, a whole country can suffer for that country’s bad actions. There is no big guy in the sky making judgment calls. Karma is (in Buddhism) a law, not in the sense of the ten commandments but in the sense of the law of gravity.
    See more at –
    The Buddha himself – a more reliable authority than Sharon Stone – pointed out that there are many factors involved in karma that we do not understand, because we cannot comprehend every moment, every action, every thought in a person’s life… in a person’s many lives, in context of the Buddhist belief in rebirth.

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