Bushnell's Bigfoot contest


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  1. JJR1971 says:

    “What is it? Sasquatch? Bear? A person?” How do we know for sure?”

    Produce a dead one we can autopsy.

  2. dainel says:

    No, that wasn’t sasquatch or a bear. Not unless Mr Sasquatch/Bear carries a comb and brushes his hair/fur straight every morning. :-)

  3. Torchwood says:

    Exactly the question my friends, how do we verify the existence of this great ape creature in an age of extensive photo manipulation? I could craft a Bigfoot myself using today’s software. Then there is the problem of accidentally shooting your neighbor who is dressed as chewy!

  4. Cazart says:

    Just contact his agent through Jack Link Beef Jerky.

    As for that photo, it’s clearly Cousin It. Duh.

  5. chixon says:

    Whatever it is, it obviously takes good care of its fur. Looks soft and well kept.

  6. holtt says:

    I’m pretty sure to prevent fraud, you’d need to have the Cryptocritter hold up a copy of today’s NYT – cause you know that’s how you prove they are still alive.

  7. enginerd94303 says:

    So essentially this should pretty much prove there is no real evidence for the existence of a bigfoot, since anyone sitting on that evidence now has a reason to bring it forward. I wonder if these trail cams have a special feature automatically distorts easy to identify non-imaginary-creature pictures so that the nut jobs who are into this stuff don’t have to work so hard to get a bunch of pictures that could be of almost anything.

    As for the picture: It’s of something brown that appears to be in motion. Wow.

    TORCHWOOD: Great point. Pictures aren’t what they used to be. And think about this. So many people claim that they have for sure seen a bigfoot, and no one can find a dead one, or even get a decent picture of one. It’s always a blurry picture. To me this indicates that these poor people have duped themselves. We only see the blurry pictures because every time they get a good picture they realize that it’s a picture of an already identified animal. Or a guy in a gorilla suit.

  8. Enochrewt says:

    That’s not bigfoot! It’s a raccoon riding a warthog!

  9. strathmeyer says:

    “Produce a dead one we can autopsy.”

    Actually, a tiny bit of hair, saliva, or skin will do.

  10. HornCologne says:

    As of this morning, the entire http://www.bushnell.com domain is hidden behind a login – huh?

    Anyone know what’s going on there?

    - HC

  11. chris23 says:

    Brilliant marketing ploy! You think they’re ever gonna hafta pay out that mil?

  12. RJ says:

    The photo is of the back of a lady hiker’s head. No point in getting all squealy and kooky over it.

    IF the sasquatch is real, it seems like it should be a small matter to obtain real DNA samples. Shedded hair, feces, maybe a dead body. Anything would do, but nothing has shown up. Ever.


    I understand the desire to believe in magic and fantastic creatures in our world, but come on. Let’s just let this myth die already.

  13. arkizzle says:

    I thought it was kind of a shabby marketing ploy myself. There’ll probably be an interested few who partake initially, but I imagine it will soon die down and nothing (likely) will come of it.

    Beyond a bit of fun initially, I can’t imagine anyone thinking this is anything more than a worthless gimmick.

    It’s exactly the same as the seafood restaurant, mentioned on BBC’s QI. They proclaimed you could keep any pearls you found in their oysters. But pearl-oysters are different than eating-oysters, and therefore they will never have to give away a pearl.

  14. Scraps says:

    Of course they’re never going to have to pay. Even supposing you find Bigfoot, how are you going to get him to hold the trail camera? I guess you could try looping it over his head real fast, but that seems kinda risky to me, and he might get spooked before you can snap him wearing the thing.

  15. insomma says:

    Why would you need hair, skin, saliva, feces, a dead body etc. when you can just photoshop the DNA gel?

  16. mmbb says:

    insomma, that only works if you want to submit to a peerless-reviewed journal. 40% of the time.

  17. insomma says:


  18. jowlsey says:

    Shot it with a gun, not a camera. It’s the only way to know for sure.

  19. Talia says:

    I can’t see that as anything other than the back of someone’s head.

  20. Enochrewt says:

    What exactly would sasquatch DNA look like? How would you compare it? I’m not well versed in such things, but it sure seems like you’d have to know what you’re looking at and for.

  21. Talia says:

    Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  22. Torchwood says:

    It seems like the above posts are the preliminary script ideas for CSI: Bigfoot edition


  23. el_beardo says:


    Verified but Despicable… AWESOME!

  24. Antiglobalism says:

    I believe in Bigfoots. Roger Patterson’s movie is REAL man, check it out for yourself. No one can recreate it.

    And: Bigfoot is a nazi.

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