Today on Boing Boing Gadgets

Today on Boing Boing Gadgets we looked at this perfectly silly motorcycle helmet covers; the most ancient phone book, 130-years-old and up for auction; a new fleet of buses with free Wi-Fi and power on the East Coast ($20 from New York to Boston); the Aga Four Oven, made of cast-iron and lauded by commentors; virtual worlds to visit before you die, which prompted me to mention what a bang-up job was done in Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City; Cricket, a folding laptop stand for travelers; Bushnell's Sasquatch bounty, but more importantly, a raccoon riding a wild boar (that's cryptozootainment!); a lovely outdoor shower; more video on DEKA's bionic "Luke" prosthetic arm; handmade keyboards; tiny, knife-missile-sized ornithopter UAVs; the claim that Intelius people search is a scam; multiplayer Pong and Turbografx emulation for the iPhone; the Sony Rolly review (it didn't fare so well; personally I think they're neat, but about $350 too much); a portable digital scale for people, not drugs; the tragic increase in deaths for telephone tower technicians last month; a gallery of vintage transistor radios; a hands-on of the MSI Wind, the heir not-quite-apparent of the Asus Eee mini-laptop; a place to store your porno DVDs...if you owned any; the mysterious captivation of the paper towel dispenser; and a look at the upcoming Google Android smartphone operating system, which really does look like it's going to be a great platform.