Web Zen: feline zen 2008

shocking cats
stunt kitty
kitten and his box
plague of kittens
kitten or spider
unagi reviews
chat noir
katnip kollege
talking cats
hugo, cat of 1000 faces
mr. lee cat cam
kitty wigs
lasagna cat
ian the cat
i like cake

and the classics...
going to a gay bar
smoking in paris

and for a limited time...
something for cat
(this will disappear on 06.06.08)

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  1. I LOVED Hugo, the cat of 1000 faces. Plus, his owner has sexy hands. But I bet he likes girls :(

  2. Come on guys, heteros can like cats too. you don’t ever want me to upload videos of our cats. I think they are cute, but you would probably actually die of boredom.

  3. Jake, are you saying you’re…heterosexual? Straight, in the common gutter parlance?

    Well. We’ll keep your secret, don’t worry.

  4. Didn’t I say I’d keep your secret? But you should try being less blatant. It wouldn’t hurt you to shave your legs once in a while, for example.

  5. I know, mea culpa. I just don’t know that many people who’s name begins with X, so I’m a little scared, ok?

    As soon as my weed whacker gets out of the repair shop, I’ll see about shaving the legs.

  6. So, Jake, I came by because I heard some whispers- and- they’re true? Really? Wow.. I just… wow. Xopher? It’s true? The rumors?

    -stage whisper- He’s straight? As a- as an arrow?

  7. Arrow? Try laser beam. He’s so straight you could use him to level a table. He admitted it. You know, I thought he kinda looked at the women funny, but I dismissed the thought as uncharitable. After all, he’s our friend.

    And btw, you have to promise not to tell anyone. We wouldn’t want this getting out. I mean, people might start getting the wrong impression about us if we’re not careful.

  8. Tenn, Xopher, Antinous, and all else here who maybe know me a little bit,

    I hope you know that I am all about good humor and jokes and making fun of bigots and people who are intolerant. Maybe I’m just too tired. I made a homo/hetero joke, something to do with cat videos as I recall.

    I’m having a lot of hassles in my life lately, so I’m sorry if I’m not coming off very well. I’m straight (if that’s the proper word), I am attracted to female types. I just got married a year ago, for the first time in my 50-plus year life. I’m trying to make a go of it. I’m not proud or ashamed of it. Its just my perspective.

    I hope that I haven’t offended anyone and I hope you guys don’t think less of me.

  9. Jake!!! No. We’re not offended. We’re doing reverse-riffing on the things our straight friends said to each other when we came out. I was, anyway. I actually had some friends tell me they’d heard rumors but didn’t believe them!

    In no way were you offensive. It was just an opportunity to play with people’s assumptions in a way I (at least) thought was fun. I hope that we, in turn, have not offended YOU.

  10. Dear Jake

    Your are enveloped in a sticky, sucker-studded network of love. Relax. Friends sustain each other.

  11. The comment that started this was, I assume, meant to imply that whenever we think that someone is attractive, he always turns out to be straight. It had nothing to do, I assume, with hetero-feline relationships. Mostly.

  12. I’m in my mid twenties, if it makes you feel better [or older]. I do feel as though Tenn is much wiser than I, sadly. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, as a young woman once told me.

    Reverse gay-bashing (Straight-Bashing?), I love it!

  13. I do feel as though Tenn is much wiser than I, sadly.

    I swear to some convenient deity that you guys are going to make my brain explode. The wisdom is a facade.

    Anyway! I was reverse-gay-bashing as well, and why on earth would you offend? I’m… well, I don’t know what I am. I think I like people for people. I’ve only dated guys yet though.

    I still swear not to tell, on my honor as an Owist.

    The comment that started this was, I assume, meant to imply that whenever we think that someone is attractive, he always turns out to be straight.

    The potential of an interest being of an incompatible sexuality is directly proportional to the level of attraction. Perhaps a new theorem?

    That, and even if they are of compatible sexuality, the potential of their considering you “as a sibling” is inversely related to the behavior of the person they do not consider “as a sibling.” Which is to say, if my addled brain can cope, that when your Interest has an Interest, the WORSE that Interest is for them, the MORE they think you are not ever capable of being an Interest.

    These Laws are more beneficial than those of Thermodynamics, I say!

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