Baby bird live webcam


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  1. brightblue says:

    Why won’t the obnoxious mower stop running over and over (under) my cursor? This is an awesome idea and I adore animal webcams, but the lawn mower is driving me batty!

  2. Talia says:

    Exactly what I popped in to say. The birds are darling, and this is a unique and interesting opportunity to see them live and grow, but someone failed Good Webpage Design 101.

  3. trr says:

    Right now the mama bird is feeding the baby bords. Cool!

  4. alek says:

    The Lawn Mower Cursor is there because normally, the website is … Watching … Grass … Grow.
    Note the button to switch webcams and keep an eye on my front lawn.

    However, given that the Birdcam is just a wheeee bit more exciting and the primary focus, I just toggled the lawn mower cursor off – don’t want people to think I’m going to run over the bird nest.

    Glad you enjoy the birds … they ARE darling in real life and my kids are enthralled by ‘em.

  5. Ryan Waddell says:

    I had some baby robins outside my bedroom window for a few weeks. After they flew the coop, I caught my dog cornering one of them in the back yard. Poor little guy was too frightened to fly up to the top of the fence! Not that the dog was trying to kill it, he was just sniffing at it, like “Wtf is this thing??” – I only found it because the momma bird and all his brothers/sisters were FLIPPING THE SHIT OUT. :)

  6. Joyuna says:

    All I have to say is:
    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. There goes the rest of my day.

  7. namewithoutwords says:

    Though it’s a little late now (as the eggs have hatched) the Pittsburgh Aviary has a webcam set up on the Peregrine Falcon nest which is atop the Gulf Tower downtown. They’ve also got a tv tuned to the feed set up at street level, inside a coffeeshop.

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