Wooden bikes

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Over at Street Use, Kevin Kelly surveys the use of handmade wooden bicycles around the world. (Photo from Harry Palangchao's Flickr stream.) Link

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  1. I’ve always thought that a bicycle would be one of those “what would you have the knowhow to invent if you were zapped back into Roman times”-type things.

    I’m not sure how comfortable riding on non-rubber tires would be, though…

  2. Rubber tires? Bah, I don’t know how comfortable I’d be riding on a non-pedal push bike in bare feel like those guys.

  3. In college I built a wooden bicycle modeled after Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of a bicycle for a class project. I rode it around campus for about a week. At the end of the year I locked it to a bike rack. I’m told it lasted a few months before going away.

  4. The vehicles pictured here are actually velocipedes. The velocipede was a precursor to the bicycle that had no pedals – you had to push it with your feet on the ground.

  5. “They see me rollin’,
    They hatin’,
    They tryin to catch me
    Ridin’ dirty”

  6. You just walk the thing uphill, it’s not much more hassle than walking without it and all the downhills are free rides. The joys of the scooter in a hilly

    Those friction brakes look a little lacking. I imagine they get ground down quite a bit. Beautifully made machnes though.

  7. From what I can tell, the friction breaks make contact with the wheel, not the road (the one image with the break on the road could either be different or broken). You push the pedal forward and the stick pushes backwards.

    Since its rubbing against the rubber of the tire, it would be the tire that would get ground down first.

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