Rogier van Bakel: Why I won't be allowed to fly

Rogier van Bakel says:
The other week, it just emerged, some guy wasn't allowed to board a plane because he wore a shirt of a cartoon character holding a gun.

So he changed his shirt.

My problem isn't quite so easily solved. I've got an old tattoo. Of a bomb. TSA Men in Black are probably on their way to my house right now. Help!



  1. “So he changed his shirt.

    My problem isn’t quite so easily solved.”

    Really? I think changing your shirt to any type of shirt besides a muscle shirt solves the problem quite easily…

  2. The original BBC article has a spokesperson mentioning not wanting to offend anybody. This seems patently absurd! Are people so apathetic as to not be able to gather a not so impromptu flash mob against this stupidity. Surely, several flightfuls of fed up passangers cannot be detained indefinitely. I’m positive there are that many irked individuals worldwide.

    To curb any snide retaliations in advance, yes I would be there if accompanied by a large number of like minded individuals. Obviously, It would take more than a handful of rebel-rousers.

    ugggh Xp

  3. not wanting to offend anybody…except YOU!!!

    Are you sure it’s a bomb? …it looks like a bowling ball with a birthday candle stuck in it to me.

  4. change that bomb to a cherry. better yet, a pair of cherry’s and an ace of spades surrounded by mud-flap girls in martini glasses.
    you’re overdue for an upgrade anyway. blessing in disguise !

  5. I heard you couldn’t say ‘bomb’ in an airport but this is taking it too far, what harm could there posibly be with a t-shirt or a tattoo?

  6. this can be easily solved, with some text underneath:

    “Ceci n’est pas une bombe”

    Now it’s art.

  7. Tattoo a pimiento in the middle of it and you’ve got an olive with a stem. Tattoo a martini glass around that as an option.

  8. While these stories of people being turned away at airport security because of a shirt (or some other such nonsense) are completely ridiculous, and an example of what happens when you pair reactionary policies with lowest common denominator staffing, I haven’t had any of these troubles while flying. This includes passing through security with a plain white shirt with the word “evil.” on it, and a shirt I purchased at an Explosion in the Sky show, featuring an airplane going down in smoke.

    There’s also the time a TSA agent kidded with me about detonators….

  9. Oh dang I have a tattoo of a cup of tea. How am I going to empty it before going though security?

  10. I have a tattoo of a dancing skeleton drinking a martini and smoking a cigarette. I’ll NEVER get on a plane again!

  11. I have a revolver that says “don’t take your guns to town”

    i wonder if i can extended to say “or have it in your carry-on”

  12. but what if you have a tattoo of Charleton Heston with a machine gun, hugging Cheney and standing on bin Laden’s neck while throwing copies of the Koran on a bonfire made of liberal pundits? With Bliar frisking in the background on a jeweled leash?

  13. Don’t even talk. I have a tattoo of Osama Bin Laden with hearts around him on my forehead.

  14. but what if you have a tattoo of Charleton Heston with a machine gun, hugging Cheney and standing on bin Laden’s neck while throwing copies of the Koran on a bonfire made of liberal pundits? With Bliar frisking in the background on a jeweled leash?

    Then you get to fly the plane, wit ha full escort of fighter jets.

  15. Ok, I had to look up the bacon bomb sampler. The description from

    For obtaining samples at various levels from tanks, tank cars and drums. Takes samples from bottom of container, and with extension rods, at predetermined distances from bottom, per ASTM D 4057-95. A plunger mechanism automatically opens when the unit is lowered to bottom of container. For sampling at other depths, use accessory extension rods (sold separately) or lower sampler to desired depth, and pull plunger release valve at top of sampler [ed: sounds icky!]. Antimagnetic. Equipped with locking mechanism for clean and easy transport of sample. Plated brass.

    No explanation why it’s bacon. I’m guessing it’s a bomb because it “triggers” when it reaches the bottom.

  16. :O( this reminds me of when my gamer (and VERY non-threatening) brother got basically expelled from middle school for making a mothers day card with a bob-omb on it. grrrrrr. it happened pre-2002….otherwise i would have had boingboing on the case!

    it was very hard for our family at the time because my brother was struggling with MAJOR depression. that being said, he was definitely not the “columbine” style depressed kid….just quiet.

    looking back, we should have given his counselor and the police that yanked him out of class “American HERO” plaques.

  17. flash ur tattoo at someone and say boom! im sure secret agents would come out of nowhere and tackle ur ass lol

  18. Dare I say you could turn this bomb into an effective hat for a bearded man? No I better not…

    Of course everyone suggests that any modifications are permanent – surely a bit of sharpie or biro tattoing (sp? tattoine?!) would do?

  19. Speaking of tattoos…
    I believe SAS (and probably many other airlines) won’t allow their public-facing staff to have tattoos that are visible in short-sleeved shirts.
    It’s the 21st Century and the chances of me having a snake grafted onto my hand to replace a finger are looking increasingly remote.

  20. Think the problem is just a terrible tattoo. I’ve seen better looking bombs on Wylie Cyote cartoons.

  21. Why do people with bad tattoos have to constantly bring attention to them?

    I fly for free, so I’m real tempted pack things things like the bacon bomb sampler while wearing things like a transformer T-Shirt and fly around until someone give me a hard time about it. Unfortunately those flight bennies I have are because of a family member and they’d be pissed if I rocked the boat with them.

  22. Maybe you could put a MARINES logo below it, so it looks like the good kind of bomb tattoo.

  23. Put two circles towards the top on either side. Tada, Mickey alien, complete with cute antenna. Problem solved.

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