Steampunk R2-D2 tee (steampunk! steampunk! steampunk!)

Reece sez, "My Lords, ladies and gentelmen, Greetings and Jubilations! May I be so bold has to ask you to please take a ganders at ones Steampunked t-shirt. A rather whimsical satire of the R2 droid. Jolly good it is too - if I do say so myself! What-O! Reece" Link (Thanks, Reece!)

PS: Punk, brothers, steam with care!
Steam in the presence of the passen-gaire,
A blue steampunk for a six steam fare,
A buff steampunk for a four steam fare,
A pink steampunk for a two steam fare,
Punk in the presence of the passen-gaire!


  1. Cld StmPnk b fnlly vr nw pls? t sd t b frsh nd fnny fr bt scnd fv yrs g, bt pls ppl, gt rl. ll ths tm nd nrgy wstd n th sm ld brng styl…

  2. What’s that, Xyzzy? You want MORE STEAMPUNK? Well, if you insist! I’ll be sure to post LOTS OF STEAMPUNK EVERY SINGLE DAY JUST FOR YOU!




  3. @#3 Did you see the “Cory Doctorow” imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. but was probably meant to mock.. but actually is excellent promotion IMHO, in the comments of The AVCLUB articles?

    It is cute. Getting a little old, but cute.

  4. I love steampunk. Can we expect the next book from Cory to be a brass plated Victorian never-was?

  5. I’ve loved that Mark Twain “Punch, brothers, punch with care/punch in the presence of the passenjare!” story since I was a kid. Now I’m not going to get it out of my head all day!

  6. That’s actually quite a fetching idea for a bird cage! I bet that comes next…

  7. No! I’d finaly had that rhyme expunged from my mind! It took 4 months of solid effort…

  8. I like most of the steampunk, but I also liked Ren Faire too — bck whn ws n sxth grd.

  9. Cory, I love your steampunk mantra to drive off the grumpies. Please keep it up. Maybe it’ll purge a few xyzzy’s. (Shame he has a pretty good user name. Or is that had?)

  10. Steampunk! Steampunk!

    I thought that chant came from a Homer Price story. It’s Mark Twain? (Homer Price isn’t Mark Twain, is it? That would be really embarrassing!)

    Steampunk! Punks of steam! Steamy punks! Steampunk steampunk steampunk!

    Out, CATFOTFICs, out! Steampunk drives you out!

  11. Hm, the bird can make are-two-dee-too sounds, but they need to put a monkey in the top half of the cage to run the robot claw.

    Jabba’s lair was pretty much steampunk already.

  12. Hm, actually, the lightsabers seemed pretty much steampunkish in design. And chewbacca is running around with a crossbow for pete’s sake.

  13. #19 The monkey would have the added benefit of being able to do the shadow puppet of obi wan for the hologram projector, sorry, I mean oil powered spotlight.

  14. even though most of that steam punk is just pretty lame, overly ornate CRAP (crap being what other people like- unlike the really cool stuff I admire)I readily admit that the r2d2 concept is awesome and hilarious; especially with the monkey upgrade…although it could probably benefit from a squirrel on a treadmill (no hamsters back then)for locomotion.

  15. Jeffrey @12: Last year, was that?

    Dan @24: Welcome! We’ve been plagued by a recurrent unfunny comedy skit in which people who could just as well scroll past steampunk stories if they don’t like them will instead take the time to click on the permalink, read the comment thread, and post comments about how terminally bored they are by steampunk. We make fun of them. CATFOTFIC is short for Complaining About The Flavor Of The Free Ice Cream. There’s also a drinking game.

    Geo the Moose @25: Granted, 1939 is late. But if you go for the date of Waterhouse’s reported collection of a single pelt, said to have been displayed in the British Museum (to get pleasantly speculative about it), you can push it back by a full century.

  16. Reece Ward’s image is unquestionably an infringement on Lucas’ intellectual property, but Ward has watermarked his image to deter unauthorized copying by others.


    — SCAM

  17. Man, that birdcage is a very clever image. Somebody should make a real one, live canary and all. The funniest thing I’ve seen all month.

  18. SCAM, if it weren’t that your initials make it clear that you’re pulling our collective leg, I’d tell you that parody is a) Fair Use and b) copyrightable.

    But you don’t actually need to be told that, do you?

  19. Why are the vowels in people’s comments missing? I find it a distressing form of censorship. It makes the negative comments difficult to read. Why not leave the vowels in? Or omit the offending comment?

    Oh, if there is free ice cream available, may I have a coffee flavoured scoop topped with crushed Oreo cookies?


  20. ” #120 posted by Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator Author Profile Page, April 28, 2008 9:08 AM

    Idle Tuesday: it’s just a way for the moderator to deprecate text without removing it. The term for it is “disemvowelling”. There’s more about it in the moderation guidelines, which are linked from the front page.”

    Arr young Tuesday,’cmere now will ye? Ye ever heard of the Glasgow Kiss?

  21. I never said that it was illegal or even wrong to maintain control over one’s own intellectual property while using the intellectual property of another.

    It just seems a bit… inconsistent.

    — SCAM

  22. How so? The picture at the top of this page is fair use as well; I’d be surprised if the artist objected.

    If I use something in a legal way, I should not object to someone else using my work in a legal way. If I write a paper and include many properly attributed quotes, I won’t object to someone quoting my paper with proper attribution. I WILL object to their copying my paper and submitting it under their own name.

    Abusus non tollit usum.

  23. @ S-C Austin Mayor:

    This is a very curious trend, indeed — it is oft-employed by avatar and icon makers in Livejournal groups that focus on user-made art. Conditional upon using the avatar or icon, the artist often deems that he/she MUST be credited as having made it — despite the fact that the art in the avatar/etc is celebrity photography not taken by them. Very peculiar.

  24. X: “If I use something in a legal way, I should not object to someone else using my work in a legal way.”

    And I submit that putting a watermarking an image is a de facto objection to using that work.

    — SCAM

  25. SCAM: Oh, now I see what you’re saying. Yeah. But while creating a parody is fair use, just copying the image and putting it on a t-shirt would not be. I’m not big on IP law, but ISTM that there’s a not-unreasonable, not-hypocritical mindset there.

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