Scott Beale says: "As part of their Image of the Day series, NASA posted a beautiful image of a sunset on Mars sent by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit on May 19, 2005." Link

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  1. djam says:

    it took 3 years for NASA to release this picture, would they tell us if they found alians on Mars?

  2. Shawn Wolfe says:

    ahhh, sunset over Cydonia….

  3. laffmakr says:

    Damn, I love this photo. More than the Earth-Moon HD photo. And it has been posted before.

    And DJAM, just for the record, WE are the aliens on Mars.

  4. buddy66 says:

    “The rest is silence….”

  5. Banksynergy says:

    Great picture. The sun being smaller makes the sky seem bigger…

    …which is nice.

  6. Jake0748 says:

    Djam – don’t know if you’re kidding or not, but this photo was released in 2005. They just posted it on their “picture of the day” site – http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/

  7. Peaceflag2007 says:

    Now all we need are lovers holding hands beneath it…

    How long until THAT happens?

  8. haaz says:

    This is a truly awe-inspiring photo. How many times have we dreamed of scenes such as this since we first saw “Star Wars”? All those “artist’s conceptions” of what sunset on a distant world might look like — and now, this.

    Thank you, to all the scientists and people who made this possible. Thank you.

  9. Argon says:

    [tinfoil hat] How do we know it isn’t a sunrise? [/tinfoil hat]

  10. ErikO23 says:

    will somebody please invent a new and vastly more effective form of propulsion and energy production so we can hurry up and terraform Mars.

    also.. i think its safe to say that we are not going to endanger any important martian life forms, so lets hurry up and start sending “seeds” of life over there to get the ball rolling.

    there has got to be some kind of life form on this planet that could survive there.

  11. PopeRatzo says:

    What a moving image. Thanks for sharing that. That humans are still capable of reaching to the stars makes me hopeful, even during this miserable time of war, greed and despoilment.

  12. mrfitz says:

    300 billion and all I got was this sunset photo

  13. Strange Quark Star says:

    This is my favorite picture from space.

    That’s why I’ve been using it as a desktop background on all my computers for over a year now!
    Try it, it really looks perfect (and the resolution is more than adequate, too).

  14. License Farm says:

    I love the cognitive dissonance that the smaller sun evokes, not to mention the near lack of any of the atmospheric phenomena a sunset on Earth tends to have. I hope that if even I do not get a chance to ever see this sight with my own eyes in my lifetime, someone else might in that span. I plan to be watching man walk on Mars from my Barcalounger on the Moon.

  15. meehawl says:

    Bigger version of sunset for larger screens here:

  16. holtt says:

    also.. i think its safe to say that we are not going to endanger any important [] life forms, so lets hurry up and start sending “seeds” of life over there to get the ball rolling.

    I bet that’s what Queen Isabella said too…

    There is some serious curiosity and awe this stuff stirs up. Take a look on Twitterholic and you’ll see that the new lander is now number 13! That’s pretty amazing.

  17. Guesstimate Jones says:

    Nah…that’s Ely, Nevada…

  18. Anonymous says:

    is rare say this, but, there is not another photo more beautifull than this…in the earth

  19. noen says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  20. Wickedashtray says:

    Now all we need are lovers holding hands beneath it…

    while their eyes pop like four soft grapes being crushed by a giants hand due to the vacuum……

    I’m reading Greg Bears “Moving Mars” ATM. great book but ya gotta love how optimistic some of these writers are when it comes to their timelines of humans populating the solar system. According to the book we had a full blown underground city on the Red Planet by 2048.

    not likely…..at all.

  21. Marcela says:

    Thanks Mizzy for showing me the craziest sunset eva!!!

    It’s Radical….

  22. Anonymous says:

    So that’s what an unpolluted sunset looks like.

  23. Hagrid says:

    Tunisia. 1975. Star Wars was filming Tatooine scenes. I was there.

    I saw this image today and had a sense of deja vu. It totally evokes the image of Luke Skywalker with the two suns.

  24. NicoleRichieVicodinRave says:

    That’s just another Burning Man .jpeg.

  25. mars says:

    on Mars, the sunset is blue

  26. Pete Carlton says:

    What I often think about Mars, if you were there walking around on it, is how dark it would be. You’re about twice as far from the sun, so the light per area is only a quarter as bright as on the Earth. High noon on Mars is sunset on Earth. And that’s an awesome picture.

  27. Takuan says:

    who is NASA’s poet laureate?

  28. misssockmonkey says:

    It’s strange to see the sun setting on another planet, that is a real photograph, not some movie image. It’s striking and beautiful.

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