Videos by two good ukulelists

Here are a couple of good ukulelists I've come across recently.

Seeso performs "Blackbird."

Clara Belle performs "Run."


  1. :( I created an account just to point out the utter lack of Jake Shimabukuro.

    In addition to the video already posted, check out Jake playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps with Tommy Emmanuel on Australian TV

  2. Yes. Account Created. Clara Belle. SO in love. It’s like she’s singing it just for you. SWOOOOON

  3. Sesso closes his eyes when he sings! I love that.

    Clare Belle has a beautiful voice and her song is incredibly pretty. Thanks, BB.

  4. Wow, Clara Belle is pretty awesome and gets extra points for playing a five string Ukulele. A little guidance would go a long way for her career! (if she is so inclined)

    Such a sweet inexpensive instrument the Ukulele is! Nice.

  5. I sent a Jake Shimabukuro link to a friend about a year ago, a professional guitarist/violist/dance fiddler named David James, who replied that he had seen Jake perform at NAM the past year (big pro music convention). As Jake performed for a crowd seated at tables, the area went completely silent to listen to him – the only time Dave recalls ever witnessing that happen there. An honor from one of the toughest crowds there is – other pros.

  6. I rather enjoy Dent May and his Magical Ukelele:

    Clara Belle is pretty alright. And you know what, Seeso’s got his own thing goin’ too. Hooray for pretty people who are good at things!

  7. check out taimane gardner. i saw her play at an event in maui in april and she was amazing. i have never seen anyone jam like that on the uke.

  8. I have to mention my favorite ukulele band, SISTER SUVI (Indie Rock Noise Vocal Crazy Group out of Montreal). Check out their myspace. Full disclosure: their drummer Nico is also the drummer for my band and a great friend, but if you are into quirky rock stuff with ripping dissonant jazzy ukulele take a listen.

  9. Clara’s nice to look at, but her playing is certainly nothing to write home about.

  10. Q. How many ukulelists does it take to play ‘while my guitar gently weeps’?

    A. All of them, apparently!

  11. I play ukulele, and fellow ukulele players are among the nicest people I’ve ever met.

    Here’s a youtube favorite of mine. Some sexy banjolele!:

  12. Ok, I will toss my proverbial two cents in to the mix. Ladies and gentlemen, I present theGentleSurprise:

    Uke covers are a dime a dozen but he does a great job both on the strings and vocally but also in capturing the feel of the original tune. Cracks me up.

  13. Hey, I even went to YouTube to find Jim Shimabukur playing, only to find that at least three people have already posted the links!

    Good stuff anyway.

  14. i fell in love with seeso’s version of blackbird. and i fell in love with clara belle.


  15. @#21,
    All hail the King! I love that version of that song. Next in line is Jane Monheit’s version here:

  16. Wow. Thanks for the Jake Shimabakuro…. and somehow the link to Magnetic Fields and thence to a whole bunch of MF vids and Cat Power … an afternoon of chasing links on the internet…. Oh and Moist Bamboo is very good too.

  17. Favorited for all these great links and to get in the in love with Clara Belle line. I also loves Seeso’s cover of Blackbird, one of my favorite songs.

  18. I’m going to third Jake Shimabukuro. I owned a CD of him, but then someone stole my truck. Not how I would have liked to share his music, but I like to think there is a happy car-thief out there, somewhere, listening at this very moment.

  19. Mark, I’m glad you enjoyed my stuff enough to share it with the boing boing community.

    Thanks to everyone that enjoyed “Blackbird,” and took the time to subscribe to my videos.

    I was also smitten by the Clara Belle love bug not too long ago.

    For those that want a daily dose of ukulele bloggery, I recommend

  20. better still, buy a Ukulele and get playing yourself… don’t get a real cheapy though, splash out a little more to get one with proper tuning machines as opposed to tuning pegs… the geared versions hold tune far better and are far easier to tune…

  21. might I point out the huge body of good, popular music with lyrics that don’t say much? Sometimes you just need to hear something that makes you feel good for no good reason.

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