Little Brother goes into its fourth week on the New York Times bestseller list!

Remember four weeks ago when I told you that my young adult novel Little Brother made the New York Times bestseller list? Well, I've just heard from my publisher that it's about to go into its fourth week on the list, having climbed to position eight! Color me ecstatic! My sincere thanks to all of you who talked about the book, gave it to your friends, sent it to teachers and librarians, and downloaded it -- you all helped make this the first-ever Creative Commons-licensed novel to get on the NYT list!


  1. First with congrats on an amazing accomplishment. May it educate as many as it entertains.

  2. Congratulations! It makes me really happy to know that people are reading this important book.

  3. That’s awesome! I requested it from our library & they ordered it for me, though my husband is reading it first.

    And I need to thank you- due to your presumably good taste in SF (a common admiration for Octavia Butler) I’ve lately been requesting/holding every book you recommend, and it’s great reading. I’m about done with Distraction and can’t believe I never heard of it before. You rock! And so does the Jacksonville Public Library, so does the ILLiad online share system… thanks again.

  4. Awesome! I got a copy for my 13 year old neice last week. I hope to pland the seeds of righteous dissent in her growing brain.

  5. Great news! I bought this book at your signing in New York. I had so much work to do, and still I managed to finish the novel in under a week it was so compelling. May it rise to #1!

  6. It’s nice to know that so many people are reading this book that I enjoyed so thoroughly! Of course, I have been pestering everyone I know about how awesome Little Brother is and how they absolutely must read it. Congratulations!

  7. Congrats, Cory, but you may be horrified (or just annoyed) to know that I *bought* mine through my KINDLE before your publisher pulled it off Amazon’s Kindle store. Yes, I bought a Creative Commons licensed book with DRM! I don’t know why–it was just very convenient. *shrug*

    Oh, it also helped to know that it didn’t matter if the copy I bought was DRMed, since healthy restriction-free versions exist elsewhere should I need to read it on another device.

  8. Congrats 4 weeks, I read the downloadable copy within days of it being available (I think I finished it in two sittings) and it was good enough I bought a copy. Ive thought about donating it to the local library, but I’m torn because I also don’t wish to part with it. I don’t mean this as an insult but I think you write better teenagers than you do adults (in the other books you have written) which is why I bought it.

  9. I read the free .pdf and soon realized that this was the book I wish I’d had when I was in high school. So I plonked down the money for a meatspace copy and gave it to my high school-age sister for her birthday. Hopefully I can turn her into as much a raging civil libertarian as I am! Mwahahaha…

  10. One more who made it a gift to a 13-year-old niece (I’m sure it will make its way through her older brothers, too).

  11. Time still to get your bets down for how high it will go and how long it will last! Congratulations, Cory!

  12. What a great way to prove CC licensing doesn’t sell fewer books. I hope someone at the Times does a story about their own list.

  13. Heard Cory’s interview on the Rachel Maddow show, which was a pleasant surprise. Doctorow powers, activate!

  14. Grats Cory! I’m up to Chapter 18 and lovin’ it…I’d almost forgotten to make sure my librarian friend ordered it for her library…almost. :)

  15. Congratulations, but it’s a bit disingenuous to say it’s no. 8 on the New York Times bestseller list- More specifically, it’s on the “chapter books” subsection of the “children’s books” section.

  16. Thank you, BEANOLINI! I spent a few minutes poking around the bestseller list but didn’t think to look in the Children’s Books section. I wasn’t even going to ask for fear of the BOD (Bureau Of Disemvoweling), so cheers.

  17. .. just 3 days ago i ordered it in a
    big bookshop specialized in english
    literature (Hugendubel) in

    They filed it under Childrens Books ..
    lol and congratulations …

  18. Dear Cory,

    I am thrilled at you success. Four Weeks on the NYTimes list is astounding!

    Wishing you continued success and the great summer that will ensue for you and your family.

    Life is good.

  19. Just finished it. Seriously enjoyed it. Will now begin pushing as many of my friends, relatives, colleagues, and online acquaintances as possible to read it.

    Congratulations on the continuing sales!

  20. Congrats &c; LB is next on my “to-read” stack! Now, Cory, isn’t it time for you to really take the plunge and write a full-bore steampunk novel yourself? (Or is there one out there that I missed? I’m not counting “Appeals Court,” which does at least have an airship…)

  21. You’ve probably been made aware of this already Cory, but Neil Gaiman began his keynote address at the children’s book breakfast at BEA last week with an entreaty for everyone attending to go read your book. It was the only mention that morning of a book that wasn’t written by a member of the panel.

  22. hardly a demonstration of wealth, Palindromic,thanks to CC. You should go back to hundred dollar bills.

  23. I bought ‘Little Brother’ today at B&N in Waco, Tx for my niece’s 14th birthday not only for her to read but to hopefully get her friends to do the same.

    I realize it’s not as ‘cool’ as her new iPhone… but, if all is right in the world it will stick with her far longer.

  24. I bought two copies, one for each of my teenage nephews, at the reading in NYC (Memorial Day). The younger of the two (14) told me last Sunday that he’d finished it and thought it was great!

  25. I’m a grad student at the Harvard Kennedy School, and “Little Brother” is required reading for a course I am taking on the future of technology with Nolan Bowie.

    It’s incredible.
    Little Brother uses a shockingly different route to re-tell the truths of “On the Road”.

    Thank you.

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