Dan Hillier's tentacle horrors -- now on moleskine notebooks!

Modofly -- makers of laser-etched moleskine notebooks -- are now carrying gorgeous notebooks emblazoned with Dan Hillier's marvelous Cthuloid tentacled Victorian beauty-strosities. Link

See also: Engraved Victorian tentacle-horrors from Dan Hillier


  1. I wonder if anyone can do these with stencils and some sort of corrosive or abrasive? I remember once something about stenciling brass with lemon juice. I’d love a poor mans version of making my moleskine unique.

    Thoughts anyone?

  2. @2 LoveCraft :

    It’s your regular order of Steampunk, … but easy on the boilers … and with extra tentacles!

  3. Love all the custom moleskine things that are happening these days.

    There’s another service that sells artist’s engraved books, as well as doing custom books in smaller orders. Probably not a “poor mans” solution @ORINOS73, but maybe a little closer to a solution?


    Much cooler site interface too.

  4. @#3 http://www.instructables.com/id/SRH0UMKFAQDX721/
    or you could always just try and find someone who has access to a laser cutter. But I went to art school and can always use the one there…so i guess its easier for me =P

    I started laser cutting moleskines once i saw that first BB post about it. I’ve got some with the art of Brian Froud, some with Celtic Trees of Life, and of course a bunch with my own designs on them. Laser cutting is FUN!

  5. I bought one of these (different artist’s design, same provider) for a friend, and it just came in — it’s stunning. Really beautifully crafted.

    Someone included a note in the box saying their unicorn moleskine design was inspired by Boing Boing. Neato.

  6. Orinos73, there are plenty of cheap ways of decorating your Moleskine. My first ‘skine, I printed out some comics panels and glued ’em on the cover with matte acrylic medium. A later one I drew on with a silver Sharpie.

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